If you own a garden, you can make it more attractive by installing a deck. There are several ways to build a garden. An elevated deck can be installed in a ground-level garden. The same thing happens when you install a ground-level deck in your garden. This is a write-up about the installation of grass. You will need a lot of tools for the job. A shovel or spade, a digger, a measuring tape, several posts, and markers are required to install the grass. You have to purchase the materials that you will use to build the deck. You will need to prepare the plank that you will use to build your deck’s substructure.

Two ways of grass deck installation

There are two ways in which a ground-level flush deck can be installed. You can either build your deck on the grass in your garden or on an elevated deck. A long post is required for an elevated deck. This will make it possible for your deck to be raised above the ground. Elevated deck installation is a good idea if your house is raised above the ground. You must raise your deck with posts. There is a grass deck installation. The method of installing the deck is easy. There is no need for long posts to install your deck on the grass. Short ones close to the ground are what you will use if you must use posts. Some homeowners use a cement slab. They lay the substructure on the cement slab. 

Step one: Clear the space

Clear space is the first thing to do when installing a deck on the grass. If you install your deck on the grass, you need to clear the area. You will have to remove a lot of grass when you install a deck in your garden. If you want not to distort the surface of your garden, you have to plan your project carefully. Measure the part of your garden used to install your deck and know the number of boards you will need.  After clearing the area, you can use a shovel to remove the surface grasses. You should make sure that the area is level before installing the deck. The grass will not grow there if you add fabric to the place. 

Step two: Fix the posts

After clearing the area, the next thing to do is to fix the posts or cement slab that will be the foundation of your deck. If you use posts, you need to dig holes around the area where you will install the deck. Your posts should not be near the ground. After digging the holes, you can put the posts and seal them with cement. Wait until the cement and post are dry. You don’t have to dig holes if you use cement slabs. You need a spot where you will place the slabs.

Step three: Build the joists

The third step is to build the Joists or Substructure. Attach the outer frame to the posts of the cement slabs. You need to connect the frame with the plank. After you have built your deck, you should use a treated plank. After building the substructure, you can start installing the deck boards. Attach the boards to the joists with clips and screws. Because of expansion, leave a 5mm gap between the boards. You can cover the edges and clean the top when installing your deck. It is possible to add beauty and extra space to your garden. You have to follow the steps outlined in this write-up.

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