We’ve developed a collection of frequently asked questions to assist you in learning more about our product. Composite Cladding Boards are the materials that homeowners use to cover the walls of their homes. Cladding is the technique of layering one construction material on top of another. The goal is to improve the building’s environmental protection. It improves the building’s insulating characteristics. The aesthetic value of a building can be increased by using a material other than insulation. 

What are the characteristics of the boards? 

The primary composition is wood and plastic. The wood and plastic are mixed in a factory where they are made into a product. They heat the mixture until it forms a finished product. They cut the panels into different sizes. There are benefits to the panels. There are a lot of benefits. The advantages include easy maintenance and high aesthetic value. It is resistant to mold and mildew. There is a protected surface that reduces water absorption. This makes it last longer. Better insulation is provided by wood cladding. It is more durable than wood. Wood-plastic will last longer than timber. It is resistant to insects and has a long lifespan. This means that the pests can’t attack your building.

Do I need to maintain my cladding?

I don’t know if I have to maintain my Cladding. It’s important to maintain your cladding so that it looks good. The difference between keeping and maintaining wood is clear. It’s easy to take care of your wood plastic.You don’t need to sand, seal, stain, or paint it to make it endure longer. If it is not painted or stained, it will lose its durability.

How can I maintain my cladding?

This is an important question. Your cladding is simple to keep clean. The only thing you should do is wipe the filth away using a towel. We recommend soaking the cloth in soapy water before wiping spots. That is the only thing you require to maintain your beauty. When oil and grease leak, it’s simpler to remove the stain. A gentle brush and soapy water are required. After spraying the soapy water on the oil or grease, you should scrub it. After cleaning, you can rinse the surface with water to make sure the soap doesn’t stick. You should scrub along the grain of your boards when you are scrubbing. It will make sure that you don’t scratch or leave lines. 

Are wood plastic panels fire resistant? 

Plastic and wood are less safe than our boards. The Euroclass fire rating for composite cladding is B. Plastic cladding has a fire rating of C/D, which is greater than wood cladding. The fire rating categorization of building materials in Sweden and Europe goes from A1 to F. From the least flammable to the most flammable, in that order. Its flammability is modest, since it has a fire rating of B. This implies that unlike wood or plastic, you will not burn rapidly. It may produce smoke, but it has a poor combustibility.

What is the size of the boards? 

There are different sizes of Composite Cladding. The dimensions of the boards make it easy for homeowners to fix them. The product comes in an array of colors. The colors range from grey to brown. You can get both lights- and dark-colored boards. Your building surface will be beautiful for a long time. 

Does wood plastic Cladding last for a long time? 

The color of the wood is not timeless. The color of your building will not fade quickly. After you install your cladding, it will lose a small amount of color, but it will stay beautiful for a long time. It suggests that you don’t have to worry about painting when you are taking care of it. Depending on the type of wall you choose, it can be either thick or thin. The wood plastic is 12mm thick. The pressure placed on the board makes it strong. Our boards are lightweight despite their thickness. You can carry our boards when you install them on your house wall. 

What is the warranty of your material?

This is a FAQ. The boards have a long lifespan. It can last for 20 years if you install and maintain it regularly. If you don’t paint the boards, you’ll get a 20 years warranty. 

Is wood plastic resistant to insects? 

It is resistant to insects. It is resistant to mold and mildew. Mould can’t grow on the surface of your building. It is resistant to splintering and warping.

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