eBygghandel Your online one-stop shop for all of your construction and building supply needs High lead times, lack of process transparency leading to leakages, inefficient price discovery, and other issues plague construction and building materials procurement, which accounts for 65-70 percent of the entire cost of a construction project.

In order to solve and simplify the user-flow for complicated procurement scenarios, e Bygghandel has established a digital building material shop that delivers all key construction and building materials online from the leading building material suppliers and building material manufacturers. The unique procurement platform offers a variety of building materials online, ranging from wholesale construction materials to innovative construction materials, to assist purchasers with all of their construction material procurement needs.

Other needed procurement methods can be used to expedite the life-cycle of a building project. For far too long, the real estate business has been controlled by paper and offline processes, which is why e Bygghandel is the most significant disruption. Purchase construction supplies online from the top construction material suppliers and experience a hassle-free procurement procedure that will save you money and allow you to finish your project on schedule.

Why don’t you buy construction materials online from e Bygghandel? 

All of the key stages in a building project’s life cycle may be contained. You can buy building supplies online at the greatest costs with e Bygghandel. The tender cycle for smart building material procurement is shorter. Transparency in the procurement process. A method for managing construction material suppliers. The time it takes to issue purchase orders has been lowered. You’ll have access to a diverse choice of building material providers from all around the country. TMT bars, cement, ready mix concrete, sanitary ware, tiles, flooring, air-conditioners, kitchen equipment, solar lights, and aac blocks are among the various building supplies available online. Manpower is being utilized to its full potential. A mobile app can be used to update construction material orders and pricing on the go. Allows for real-time order tracking. 

e Bygghandel offers pricing comparison for numerous building material suppliers after extensive quality tests before onboarding a specific construction material provider, allowing the consumer to pick according to his requirements. e Bygghandel is the perfect online building material shop that provides a single-window solution for your variegated demands, even on your mobile phone, whether you want to acquire building materials online from the top building material suppliers near you. You can acquire prices from the leading providers of building materials.

What can you buy from e Bygghandel?

Cement, tiles, steel, plumbing materials, interior fit-outs, electricals, air conditioners, timber floors and doors, sanitary and CP fittings, ready-mix concrete, modular kitchens, solar lighting, and other building goods are all available at eBygghandel. The top building material vendors. Cement is a versatile building material that may be utilized in a range of applications. The best cement producers and suppliers can offer the greatest cement prices. At eBygghandel, you can find pricing for OPC 43, OPC 53, PPC, PSC, white cement, as well as Ultratech cement, Ambuja cement, ACC cement, Shree cement, Birla cement, Lafarge cement, Wonder cement, JK Lakshmi cement, and JK super cement.

Lowest TMT bar price available

From structural steel to an exclusive range of TMT steel bars, such as TMT rebars, cut & bend TMT bars, reinforcing bars, mild steel rebars, concrete reinforcing bars, reinforcing steel bars, reinforcement steel bars, FRP bars, and more, eBygghandel stocks a wide range of steel construction materials from well-known TMT bars manufacturers. Today’s eBygghandel prices include JSW NeoSteel, Amba Shakti TMT, Jindal Panther TMT, Electrosteel TMT, SAIL TMT bar price, and TATA steel rod price. e Bygghandel provides a wide range of ready-mix concrete requirements at the most economical ready-mix concrete rates.


It offers benefits like as cutting-edge RMC plants, unique design mix, and GPS-enabled delivery. RMC concrete grades include M05, M07.5, M10, M15, M20, M25, M30, M40, and M50. Wall tiles, floor tiles, roof tiles, ceiling tiles, step tiles, and pavers are all available for purchase online. Our tile selection offers safety, economy, and ease of maintenance at wholesale pricing. Check out the prices for Kajaria tiles, ACE tiles, Orientbell tiles, Qutone tiles, Somany tiles, and Nitco tiles.

Affordable pricing 

You may acquire a comprehensive choice of the highest quality AAC blocks at the most inexpensive costs. Choose from India’s top AAC block manufacturers to get the best-in-class blocks with features like thermal insulation, water resistance, fire resistance, and minimal maintenance. Check out the prices for Magicrete AAC blocks, Ultratech AAC blocks, and Birla Aerocon AAC blocks. At e Bygghandel, you may choose from a large range of designer modular kitchens, such as L-shaped modular kitchens, U-shaped modular kitchens, straight modular kitchens, parallel kitchen layout, G-shaped or peninsula modular kitchens, and so on. Modern kitchens provide a variety of benefits, including Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Custom Designs. A modular kitchen may be purchased online.

Why buy from e Bygghandel? 

You’ve come to the correct location if you’re a specifier. e Bygghandel is your one-stop shop for everything from building supplies and equipment to interior and outdoor goods. We wish to provide you with both outstanding items and wonderful service under one roof, and we feel that great products and excellent service complement each other well. Our goal is to assist you in locating the greatest deal. We provide professional assistance, high-quality items, and nationwide shipping; the rest is up to you.

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