Building a deck in your house will add value to your home. You can use different types of deck material for your project. There are two commonly used decking materials. Even though it’s better than wood, homeowners still don’t know if they should use it. The price of the material is the reason for this. 

What is the price for a deck?

Now that homeowners prefer wood over plastic let’s look at the wood plastic deck price. If you want to install a deck in Sweden, you will have to spend between 2000 and 3000 depending on the square meter. 

Installing a wood or wooden deck

Installation of wood or wooden deck is more expensive than that. Depending on the square meter, you will have to spend between 1200 and 1800. The price that we have just given is for wood. The price of hardwood is higher than that. The amount depends on the square meter. The price of hardwood and timber in Sweden is close to composite, which is far pricier. Homeowners are still using wood because it is cheaper. 

Some homeowners are turning to wood plastic because of its many benefits. Some homeowners think the high price of wood plastic is a disadvantage.

Advantages of composite decking

In Sweden, there are advantages to the use of composite decking.


One advantage of wood plastic is that it is durable. Depending on the brand and grade of deck you purchase, it will last for 25 years. It won’t last that long. It will last for ten years when you install a wood deck. How they resist elements of mother nature is different between the two. It won’t splinter, warp, or crack like wood when you install plastic wood outside. Wood is a better outdoor deck material than plastic. 

Change in temperature

When the temperature changes, wood plastic is not like timber in that it won’t expand or warp. It’s possible that low or extreme temperature isn’t a problem for your plastic wood deck. It is better to resist insect-eating bugs than it is to resist wood. It is not a good idea to eat wood plastic because it is not a good food source. Wood is good food for termites, and they will destroy it quickly. 

Easy to install.

Another advantage of wood plastic is that it is easy to install. If you have the right skills, you can install our deck outside. You can save money by not hiring an installer. The boards are easy to lift and install. It’s easy to carry the boards from one place to another. You can use a saw, screws and drill to install the deck.

Easy to maintain

If you don’t consider the cost, it’s easy to maintain wood plastic deck boards. The process is quite simple, and the maintenance requires simple tools. You don’t have to clean the surface with a broom or cloth when building or installing a deck outdoors. If you want to do the maintenance task faster, you can spray the top of the deck with a hose. Plastic wood can be sanded, sealed or painted like wood. You can enjoy your outdoor deck instead of spending your time maintaining it.

It is economical 

It will save money over time. If the initial cost is irrelevant, you won’t spend your cash buying paint, sealant, or stain. The cost of wood in Sweden is quite high. You will spend between 1500 to 2000 on wood, while you will spend between 2500 to 3000 on composite. Wood has many benefits that make it more preferable to wood, so this is not a problem.

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