You can replace your stone with something else. The old rock has to be torn out to make way for the new stone. It is a calculated risk to tear out your stone cladding because you don’t know the condition of the brick behind it. There is a chance that nothing will be wrong when you replace your stone facade with a new one. There is a chance that the wall is weak. You should be prepared for the worst-case when changing your stone cladding. 

What is stone cladding?

Stone cladding is a type of exterior wall covering that protects your home’s outer walls from the weather. Stone provides insulation and prevents water from entering your home. And, Stone is not the only material that provides these benefits. Wood, plastic, and aluminum are some of the materials that provide insulation. The problem with stone is that it doesn’t look good.Your stone-clad home will stand out if you reside on a street with brick dwellings. A house is the misfit.

Why isn’t stone cladding a good option?

On a brick street, who lives in a stone house? Stone will not be a choice in any design. The stones are put in a random arrangement on the wall. Stone, on the other hand, has the drawback of swiftly fading. So, this leads to homeowners turning to the material of their choice. A mixture is what homeowners are using. There is a mixture of wood and plastic. This mixture is made from recycled materials. It is aesthetically pleasing. The look of the exterior wall of a home is not as ugly as that of stone. If you live in a street full of brick houses and want to make your home stand out, you should replace the stone with WPC. 

What is composite cladding?

The appearance of your home will be improved by the use of a new composite cladding. A pattern that makes it look beautiful is created by the way the panels are arranged. Unlike stone, which only has a single color, the panels come in an array of colors. You can choose between wood and plastic. You can choose from brown, black, red, oak, dark-colored, and light-colored boards. This means that the exterior wall of your home can match the environment. 

Is composite cladding easy to maintain?

It’s a good thing that you can maintain it easily. If there is dirt on the surface of your wood plastic composite cladding, you can clean it. If you take care of your cladding, it will not mold or rot on the surface. To make it last longer, you don’t have to sand or seal it. This means that you will enjoy your wood-plastic panels with less effort. It is easy to install. Simple tools are all you need to fix wood plastic. You can cut your boards with a saw. 

How to install a composite cladding?

The first thing you need to do when replacing your stone cladding has analyzed the situation. To determine if the wall is strong, you have to look at it. The first thing you can do to see the situation of the wall is to remove the stone cladding. If the wall is weak and they use the stone to reinforce it, there will be extra work. You might have to give the wall an extra layer of plaster after removing all the stone. This will make the wall strong. The wall can be removed if it is not weak. The next thing to do is to fix the exterior wall of your house. If you are an expert, you should be able to put it on easily. You can hire someone to fix it for you. 


Your house will have a good look when you have finished installing the panels. You can replace your stone with something else. It is easy to maintain and it is more beautiful than stone.

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