If your wall is old, you can always replace it with a new one. It’s not a good idea to clad over old material. We have put together this write-up to help you understand the best way to change your old cladding for a new one.

Some reasons why homeowners re-clad the home.

Homeowners re-clad their homes. There are some reasons why homeowners decide to change their siding. Homeowners have always tried to find solutions to.


An elaborate maintenance process is required for some materials. Wood is a difficult material to maintain.If you use wood to cover your house’s outside walls, you must maintain it. To extend the life of your wood, sand, seal, stain, or paint it. Money is spent on the upkeep of wooden structures. You’ll need money to buy the paint or stain you’ll use to protect your wood. If it isn’t enough, you’ll be wasting your time and efforts. It is feasible to place cladding on a wall that is high up. Reaching all of the locations will be tough. For homeowners, caring for wood is a demanding undertaking.


Durability refers to a material’s capacity to withstand pressure. External wall covering materials are generally long-lasting, although not all of them are. Wood is not as long-lasting as other materials. There are a lot of things that wood isn’t resistant to. The wood is not going to endure very long.The outcome will be different when you compare timber with other materials. When the element of mother nature plays on it, it will not rot, warp, swell or break. The grade that you purchase will affect the lifespan of the cladding. The same material as before. It will resist rot, swell, warping, and splintering. If you install a less durable material in your house, you can change it for a more durable one.

Aesthetic value

Homeowners have decided to change their old siding for a new one because of the aesthetic value. The majority of cladding materials are pleasing to the eye. Some materials are not beautiful. Stone is an example. Stone doesn’t have an attractive appearance. The exterior wall of your home is not going to be beautiful because of the ugly design. The same thing happens with timber. If you want to change the look of the wood, you have to paint it.Because the paint will fade over time, you must re-paint the wood every year.

Add a good material for cladding

It does not have the ugliness of stone and does not require painting. Because of the variety of hues available, you can pick whatever color you like. The color of the material will not fade as rapidly as the color of wood. You should do the proper thing if you want to alter your cladding. Cladding over aged material is not a good idea. If you’re going to clad your house in new material, you’ll need to take out the old.

The structure of the wall can be gauged by removing the old cladding. If the wall of your home is strong, you can install a new one after removing the old one. If the outer wall needs repair, you should do it. Adding a good material to your cladding is the reason for changing it. You can change your cladding for a more durable one if it is less durable. You can change your cladding if it isn’t aesthetically pleasing or has a good appearance. 


Is it possible to clad over an old material? We don’t recommend that you clad over old material. You should replace the old cladding with one that is more durable and easy to maintain.

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