You may want to consider protecting your home’s exterior wall, If you reside in a wet area. There is a way to cover the brick wall of your home. It will increase the aesthetic value and give your house a contemporary look if your home is clad. The issue is the kind of material used in your home. There are many types of materials that can be purchased in the market. You can use a variety of materials. Some of the weatherboarding materials are better than others. There are various materials that you can put over brick. One type of material that you can put over a brick wall is timber. The wood is made from trees. 

Types of woods 

There are two types of wood. There are examples of pine. Some examples are cedar and redwood. The difference between hardwood and softwood is that the former requires chemicals to be firm. The latter does not require chemicals. Chemicals make timber resist the pressure placed on it. The wood is less durable because it is humid. Water is removed from the timber by pressure-treating it. 

Traditional Wood 

Most homeowners prefer the traditional wood look of timber cladding. Most of the time, timber is not expensive. It is not easy to maintain or take care of a wood-clad building. After you put the wood over the brick of your home, you have to care for it. Wood is less durable with time. The element of mother nature will eventually make it susceptible to insects. If you want to put over the brick wall of your home, you can use a material called composite cladding. It is not like wood that has 100% timber. 

Wood plastic 

The wood and plastic are recycled. The wood and plastic are mixed in a factory before being heated. The process makes the material strong. It’s another thing for you to think about. Wood-plastic is more durable than other materials. You can use it for more than 20 years. 

Easy to maintain. 

You don’t have to sand, seal, stain, or paint the way you would a wood panel.You should clean it with a towel if it is filthy. It’s easy to clean since dirt won’t attach to the surface. The panels are resistant to Mother Nature’s elements.

Weather Resistant

The substance is unaffected by temperature. It will not splinter or break. The panels made of wood and acrylic will not warp. The surface roughness has been enhanced, allowing it to absorb less water. Your material will not decay if it absorbs less water.

Mold and mildew thrive in certain environments. Mold and mildew will have a hard time growing on its surface since it does not absorb water. Plastic can be used to cover bricks. By preserving the external wall, it will extend the life of your home.


The structure is entirely made of plastic. Plastic is a durable synthetic substance. It’s simple to keep up with. To clean the surface of your plastic, you’ll need a cloth. Taking care of plastic is not expensive and does not take up as much time as caring for wood.

Plastic is available in a variety of colors. The downside of the material is that you can’t change it to look like wood. Homeowners may not want to buy plastic since they desire something that will replace their wood while still looking like wood. It’s feasible to make the material appear to be made of wood. Homeowners believe it is a superior option to wood.


Can I cover the brick wall of my home? There is a way to reinforce the brick wall of your house. It’s easy to maintain and it looks like wood, so it’s the best material to use in this instance.

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