There are similarities and differences between the two materials, and they serve as an alternative to wood. Homeowners use them over wood because of their advantages. There are differences between the two types.

Attributes of cladding

There are similarities and differences between the two materials. Let’s look at their attributes. 


There is a similarity between the two. Depending on the grade of cladding you buy, it can last up to 20 years. It lasts for a long time like the other material. You can use it for 15 years. There is a similarity between the two. 


The panels are resistant to insect attacks. If you install it on the exterior wall of your home, it will not be attacked by pests. It is also resistant to insects. The wood-eating bugs will not destroy the material. 


The surface texture is scratch resistant. The plastic coating on the body makes it hard to scratch. There won’t be marks on the cladding if dogs scratch it with their paws. It is also scratch-resistant. It will resist scratches better than the other material. The elements of mother nature will be resistant to the material. 

Temperature resistant

If you expose it to the temperature, it won’t affect it. It will expand if you add a gap between the boards. Ice, snow, rain, and wind can’t damage the exterior of your building. It will not swell, and it will absorb less water. When the temperature changes, the material will not break. The material will not swell or rot. Wood and plastic are used in the material composition. These materials have been recycled. They are taken to a factory, heated to form aboard. There isn’t any wood in the paneling. It only contains plastic. 

Difference between the Composite cladding and PVC cladding

The weight and ease of installation are lightweight. When moving the boards, you can carry your cladding easily. The strength to weight ratio is high. Light and strong at the same time is what strength to weight means. Plastic is lightweight. When you want to install it, you can carry it easily. It is easy to install. You can cut the boards with a saw when you fix them to the wall. Also, you can use screws.

It is easy to install. This is the only way in which the two things are the same. You can make it fit into space by cutting it. It doesn’t just protect your home from the elements. It makes the exterior wall of your home look better. The advantage of the color is that it will last for a long time. The color of the material will not be lost before it becomes stable. 


There are similarities and differences between Composite cladding and PVC cladding. You can buy grey, brown, anthracite, and oak. There is a beautiful color that will add value to your home. It is also beautiful. There is a difference between the two. There is a difference between the two. It can be made to look like wood. This is something that homeowners care about.

When it comes to aesthetic value, it’s better to use composite cladding than it is to use PVC because it doesn’t have that feature. The owners of the material care about maintenance. A good one is easy to maintain. You can maintain it yourself. You should use a soft fabric to clean your surface. It’s simple to keep up with. You may clean your plastic using a cloth. The panels are simple to install and maintain. Both of them are insect-resistant. The surface roughness of the wood grain is distinct between the two.

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