The difference between the two is the design. You can join the panels together with the interlocking at the sides. Let us know more about the different materials. 

What is composite material? 

Wood and plastic make up the material composition of composite materials. They have the same characteristics so you can refer to them as composite materials. The materials are made in a factory where they are mixed with a binding agent and then heated.When the final product is complete, it is sliced into various sizes so that it may be used to construct anything.

Benefits of composite material

Composite materials have the benefit of being more durable than wood. This suggests that the material will outlast wood in terms of durability. The materials are simple to keep clean. You should use a broom to sweep them up. If the side is soiled, clean it using a cloth or sponge. For wood to survive a long time, it must be sanded, oiled, sealed, stained, or painted. Your wood material will not endure if you don’t undertake this activity at least once a year.

The funds will be used to keep the timber material in good condition. Because you will spend minimal money maintaining them in the long run, you will save money in the long run. Let’s move on to other materials now that you know what they’re composed of.

Where can I use composite material?

Homeowners utilize this structural material to create a deck or patio. If you place it on the ground, it acts as a surface for individuals to carry out their tasks. This implies you may construct a deck in your garden or yard. It may be used to host a party by putting tables and chairs on it. The weight-to-strength ratio is quite high. It means that the weight of people standing on it will not cause it to collapse. You can use clips and screws to lay the boards side by side. The panels allow for expansion and contraction. 

What is the difference between a wood and a metal structure? 

A nice-looking cladding is similar to a structural material. The makers of the wood-plastic panels designed it so that you can put it on the wall. It’s why homeowners refer to siding in some parts of the world. It’s possible to cover the wall of your house with a material that protects it from the elements. Wood-plastic is lightweight and difficult to build. The panels have interlocking, which makes them different from the decking. The boards can enter one another. The boards will not be able to lock together. 

Can it be used as a Cladding?

If you use the items as siding, the warranty will be invalidated. It doesn’t imply the boards will break, but the builder isn’t liable if they distort or fade. The phrase suggests that using the material as a construction material is not recommended. Even if some homeowners utilize it, it will not give total protection from the weather. The decking boards do not connect because they lack interlocking. A rain screen fills the space between the outer wall and the cladding. Air and water may exit the area between the wall and the cladding thanks to the rain screen. If you want a long-lasting wall covering, you’ll need the correct material.


A deck is a material that is used to build a patio. It was designed to be laid on the ground. It is possible to cover the side or wall of your building with a material that protects it from the elements.

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