If you don’t want to use wood, there are many other options. One such option is made of wood. There are other types of cladding, such as aluminum and polyvinyl chloride. You can use these materials instead of wood. Wood is a common material that is not good enough. Wood was used long before other materials were invented. Adding a layer of protection to the exterior wall of your home is the purpose of adding cladding. Wood insulates and protects the wall of the house. Excess humidity can enter your home. Those are the good parts of the wood. There are also downsides to timber. 

Why do homeowners avoid wood?

If you use wood for a long time, it will become vulnerable to pests.Insects will be able to eat timber until it is destroyed. The wood will be destroyed if insects don’t eat it. Excess water in the air can be absorbed by timber. Wood will swell or expand when this happens. This will eventually cause your wood to rot. It will shrink or break if it dries quickly. The downside of wood is maintenance.

It’s not easy to take care of the wood. You have to stain or paint the wood to make it last longer. You have to smoothen the surface before you paint or stain it. Maintaining your wood is difficult, and if that is not enough, it will consume your time. Those are some of the reasons why wood is not good enough and why homeowners are looking for something else to use in place of wood. It is possible to use a strong and durable material in place of wood. 

Why do people clad their homes?

Homeowners are turning to the material because it protects their home from the elements and beautifies it. Wood and plastic are not the main components of the material. A mixture of wood and plastic is resistant to insects. Since insects feed on timber and not plastic, they can destroy composite cladding. The plastic coating on the surface protects the wooden part from attack. 

Advantages if cladding

  • When the temperature changes, the cladding won’t break. The material will not warp or crack due to absorption like wood. You can take care of it yourself. Unlike wood, which requires sanding, staining, or painting, there is no requirement for all of those. If you want to clean your building, you need a cloth or brush. 
  • It is a good replacement for wood because it is aesthetically pleasing. The wall of your house isn’t the only thing that can be protected. It makes your home look better. There are many colors that you can choose from. You can choose between grey, brown, anthracite grey or black. The surface color of the material will not fade quickly like wood. The color of your cladding will not change since it will last for a long time. 
  • A better option to use in place of wood was made possible by this. It’s possible to use a different type of cladding in place of wood. This material is made of plastic. The exterior wall of your home will be protected from the elements. It will add aesthetic value to your home. It is easy to maintain your cladding by wiping it with a cloth. You can spray with a hose. If you want to cover the outside wall of your house, you can use aluminum Cladding. The material is strong and made from metal. It doesn’t require as difficult maintenance as wood does. 


There are other materials that you can use instead of wood. One of them is made of wood. It is easy to maintain, and it is pleasing.

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