If you want your wall to last longer, you should use good material. Some materials can be used in the market. Some of the materials are made of wood. While most homeowners are used to wood or timber, some hear about something new. The question of which is better is explained in this write-up. 

What is composite cladding? 

If you want to clad the exterior wall of your home, you can use a synthetic material. This composite cladding is made from recycled materials. Most house owners call it wood plastic. 

What is Wood Cladding?

Wood or timber is the only material that contains wood. There are two types of timber. There is pressure-treated timber and hardwood. Pressure-treated wood is more durable than hardwood. 


Let’s look at their attributes to see if they are better than wood. 


Wood Cladding Timber is durable but loses its effectiveness over time. There are two types of timber. Softwood is not strong and needs chemicals to be firm. The chemicals squeeze out the excess liquid in wood to make it firm. With chemicals, it becomes durable. Chemicals do not require hardwood to be firm. It will become less durable when you have used timber for a while. The insect will eat it. Wood will absorb water from the environment. The timber will rot after swelling. When the timber dries, it will splinter. They are more durable than timber because they are synthetic. It doesn’t require chemicals to make it strong. This means that wood will not absorb as much liquid as the other way around. 

Wood-plastic will not rot or splinter. Wood will not warp like wood plastic. The wood plastic is not affected by the temperature. The insects can’t destroy the panels. This makes the wood less durable. It is not a good thing when it comes to maintenance. It isn’t easy to keep timber. Wood-eating bugs will eat into it. To keep insects away from the wood, owners must seal, stain or paint it. Wood fades quickly. 


If you want your wood to be beautiful, you must give it a good color. You have to sand the timber before painting it. Wood is easy to paint. They think painting wood is a benefit. It might seem like a benefit, but it is not. The first thing to do is paint the composite Cladding. Plastic wood doesn’t need painting at all. There are lots of beautiful colors that make it attractive. There are grey, brown, red, and anthracite grey. And, there is one thing about the color of the wood that it won’t fade quickly. When you use it for a long time, it will retain a small amount of color. You don’t have to paint your wood plastic composite cladding every year. No sanding means no painting. 


You don’t have to spend time maintaining it. The only thing you should do to clean it is to use a cloth. The wood look is only part of the aesthetic value. It is not as attractive as the other way around. If you want to change the color of your wood, you have to give it a lot of paint. The difference between timber and plastic wood is that plastic wood is in various colors. You have the option to pick a color that suits you. The color of the Cladding won’t fade quickly. It is more attractive than the wood is. It can be made to look like wood. 


Which is better, Composite Cladding vs. Wood Cladding? If you look at the attributes of wood and composite, you will see that they are both better than the other.

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