The next level of fencing can be achieved with the use of composite fencing. It adds beauty to your yard.

What is fencing made of? 

There is a fencing material made of wood and plastic. If you have ever watched a movie about fencing, you will understand it better. This fencing material is made in a factory where the wood fibre and plastic are processed, and the finished material is cut into shape. There is a need to replace a wood fence with a composite fence. 

Advantages of composite fence

The pros and cons of fencing will be explained in the following heading. 


It is more durable than wood fencing. They are made to replace wood fencing. It’s next to wrought iron in terms of durability. The difference between the two is that the former can be made to look like wood. Lovers of timber can use it to fence. 

Weather resistant 

The advantages and disadvantages of fencing include being resistant to weather and insects, and lasting longer. The fence can be used for up to 30 years. The materials are resistant to insects and weather elements. The implication is that rain cannot destroy your fence. 

Easy to maintain 

It is very easy to maintain. Unlike wood fencing that needs sanding, oiling, painting and staining, composite fencing does not. You will give your household items when you clean the fencing. If it is dirty, you can wash it with a hose. The dirt won’t stick to the fence so washing it is easy. If you see a grease or oil stain on your fence, all you have to do is spray soapy water and scrub it with a soft brush. You must not put the hose close to the fence if you want to power wash it. 

Variety of colours 

The beauty of the fence is that it can be finished in different colors. You can get a fence that is dark and light. The colour of a fence will not fade like a wood fence. The plastic-wood fence is resistant to the sun’s UV rays. You can get fencing that looks like wood. It is possible to finish plastic-wood fencing with a wood grain texture. 


Composite fence is expensive

After a long time, your fence won’t crack or splinter. The cost of purchasing a fence is more expensive than a wood fence. It is not as expensive as an iron fence. This is a problem for homeowners who want to replace their fence with something else. People might choose to go for wood if the price is compared. If a fence is not used correctly, it can be destroyed. The fence can melt if hot objects come in contact with it. Like other building materials, the fencing can burn. The plastic-wood fence needs to be installed correctly for it to last. 

Most homeowners think that the fence is maintenance-free. Even though it is not like a wood fence, it still requires cleaning. You might have to paint the fence if you don’t take care of it. The advantages and disadvantages of fencing are listed. The disadvantages are unique to other building materials. It is better to install your fence correctly. Make sure that it doesn’t come in contact with anything that can destroy it. The advantages of fencing are low maintenance and beautiful. It can be destroyed because of the cost of installation, maintenance and upkeep.

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