So Composite Decking isn’t the only product that is being produced with Composite materials, There is also Fencing which we will cover a bit here, and composite façade cladding that you can read more about HERE.

Composite Fence.

It’s not really that different from composite decking. It’s just produced in a different form for a different purpose. You still get the same benefits. Depending on the producer and type of composite that you choose. There are plenty of variants of different fence styles and composite can do all of them if not even more. Since composite can be produced to nearly any shape it becomes possible to do a fence that isn’t as easy to do in a wood. Such as completely privacy-protecting with tounge and grooved boards that just slot into each other.

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Benefits of Composite decking

If you’re just here for the fence you might not know the benefits of Composite decking (Which you can read about HERE) so we can go through some of the possibilities here.

Composite, in general, requires virtually no maintenance or upkeep. You simply just need to clean it if it gets dirty (you know those pesky birds) it basically maintains itself!

It comes in as many varieties of colors as can be produced but the most common ones are grey, black and white. They can also generally be constructed however you want. Since you are the one that decides about your own fence. Construction guides are generally just a recommendation and you can make your own twists and alterations. Just be sure to get the opinion of a professional contractor just so that there is no increased risk. Also to follow the warranty that the company are providing.

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