The space between the panels should be added when you are installing a fence. The space between the panels of your fencing will be able to expand and contract easily. It will make sure that your fencing does not splinter when it expands.

Why does fencing need space?

In the next section of our article, we will look at that. There is a difference between a change in temperature and a change in the strength of the fencing. After you have installed your fence, the temperature will change. The way wood fencing is affected by temperature is different from the way composite materials are affected by temperature. The toughest pressure that nature can place on a material will make it strong and durable. It will expand to the side instead of cracking or splintering when the temperature changes. Adding some space in between the fencing panels can be used to manage the expansion of the fence. The panels will expand if there is not enough space between them. They will touch another when they expand. The pressure on the fencing panels will cause them to splinter or warp. It will pull the fencing panels out of their place.

What is the right place for fencing?

You should make sure that you follow the best practices when installing your fencing panels. It means that you have to leave the right space for the maker of your fencing panels. We recommend that you leave a minimum of 5mm between the fencing panels. The space between the wood plastic panels should not be less than 5mm.

When your fencing panels expand, a space that is less than 5mm will not be enough. The space between your fencing panels should not be too wide. The space will be too obvious if you leave it at 10 or 15mm. If objects are too wide, they will accumulate between the spaces. The right amount of space between your fencing panels should be 5mm. 

How to install fencing with the right spacing? 

You can make sure that you add the right amount of space by installing the panels step by step. Clear the place where you want to install your fence is the first thing you should do. Measure the size of your property and mark it accordingly. Before you start building your fencing panels, you might have to get a permit from the local authority. If you want to install a picket fence, you don’t have to worry about space because the fence already has space. 

The right margin is needed if you are installing a complete privacy fence. You should clear the area where you will install your fence after marking your lots. A narrow path leads to the site where you will install your fencing panels. You should mark the spots where you will attach the fencing panels. The hole that you put the posts in should be deep. A solid base for your fence can be found in a deep hole. This is important because of the wind. 

Your fence might collapse if the base is not stable. You should cover the holes with cement after digging them. Wait until the cement dries before you start fixing the fencing panels. When attaching the fencing panels, be sure to leave a 5mm gap between them. This should be done for all of the fencing posts on your property.


Do the composite fencing panels need a lot of space?. You should leave a minimum of 5mm between the boards when installing your fencing panels. When the temperature changes, this 5mm space will ensure that your fencing panels expand.

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