The misguided belief that the materials are maintenance-free has caused homeowners to ask if the fence needs maintenance. Maintenance is like other structural materials. The kind of maintenance that a wood fence needs is different from the kind of maintenance that a composite fence needs. 

Is it difficult to maintain a wood fence?

Maintenance of wood fences is difficult. This is due to the material that they are made of. If exposed to water, wood can swell and rot. It needs to be painted to avoid this. When it is exposed to sunlight, wood will break. The colour of the wood fence will fade over time. When something like this happens, you will have to paint or stain your fence to make it look better. The process of maintaining a wood fence is similar to that of a wood deck. It will not last long if you don’t sand, seal, and paint the wood fence regularly. The materials don’t need sanding, oiling, or painting. You will give your household material if you clean it up. If there is dirt on the fence, you have to clean it. A power washer and a hose can be used to clean a badly stained fence. 

Is the maintenance of a composite fence the same as a wood fence?

Sometimes you have to maintain your fence like a wood fence. Your fence needs to be repaired when it is badly damaged. It is possible that your fence is exposed to fire. The fence might have to be painted to make it look better. The fence might need maintenance like a wood fence if there is a thing that can damage it. You don’t have to do this kind of maintenance often, but you must do it to restore your fence.

If not removed on time, debris and dirt can affect the strength of your fence. Mud can stick to your fence. It will change the look of the fence. It will affect the colour and make it look dull. The beautiful appearance of your fence can be ruined by chalk marks. When kids are playing, chalk can be used to write on the fence. Or when a homeowner uses a fence to mark a spot in his or her yard. 

How can a fence be damaged?

There are things that can damage your fence. Although they are resistant to mold and mildew, they can still grow on it. When organic matter is left to rot on the fence, this can happen. When that happens, mould will grow on the spot and destroy the appearance of the place. There are scratch marks on the body of a fence. The fence will be destroyed by mould as it grows on that spot. Another way to destroy the fence is by scratching it with a sharp object. There are marks on the fence that are difficult to remove.

The appearance of the fence will not be good if this happens. Grease and oil can stain your fence. Oil can be poured on the fence or greasy hands can touch it. This type of stain can be difficult to clean because they stick to the fence. The power washer can damage the fence. The colour of your fence can be affected by a power washer being too close to it. There are times when the fence might need maintenance. If your fence is scratched, mould grows on it, and oil or grease stains it, you might need to maintain it.

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