When you build a fence, it doesn’t warp like a wood fence. This feature is not unique to a fence. When you install the material in your yard, it won’t swell or warp.

Why won’t the fence warp like wood?

Let’s consider what makes up a fence. A fence made of plastic or wood can be resistant to elements of the weather. They are made of wood fibre and plastic. The wood and plastic were mixed in a factory and heated to form a fence panel. Plastic wood fences have an extra layer of protection against the elements. The colour of the fence won’t fade like a wood fence. The plastic protects it from the water. The fence won’t absorb water.

The rain won’t absorb it if it falls on your fence. Structural materials do warp when they absorb water and expand. The material will contract after it has dried. Structural materials will distort their surface. Warping is a condition of being out of shape. The body will be distorted when a wood fence warps. There is a wood fence that has been in place for a long time. The fence won’t expand and contract because it doesn’t absorb water like wood. It will not warp if it expands and contracts. 

What happens when the temperature fluctuates?

Warping can happen when the temperature changes. Fluctuating temperature will cause fencing materials to warp. When exposed to nature, wood fences will warp or break. The fence is resistant to rapid change in temperature. The fence will expand a little. It isn’t like wood that expands and cracks. The expansion can be taken care of by leaving enough space between the boards for growth and contraction. 

What if the fence is installed wrong?

The fence can get damaged or warped if it is not properly installed. This condition is not the same as the ones we describe. Structural materials must be installed by experts. The surface can be distorted if there is not enough space between the materials. There are other benefits to fencing that make it useful. The fence will not sink. The water won’t swell since the fence won’t absorb it.

Swelling in structural material can cause it to rot quickly. There is a plastic layer on the fence. Plastic wood fencing requires little upkeep. It means that it’s not like wood fences that need sanding, staining, seal and oiling to last longer. If you spot dirt like mud on it, you should give it a good cleaning. You can use a power washer for the job, but make sure you don’t bring it too close to the fence.

How will the fence last long?

The plastic wood fence is strong. The materials used to make the fence are what makes it strong. Depending on the grade of fence you purchase, it can last up to 15 years. One of the benefits of a wood plastic composite fence is that it is beautiful. It’s because it’s finished in different colors. There is a fence that will not warp. You can match these colors to any objects in your yard. When you expose the fence to elements of nature, it will not warp like a wood fence. The best way to make your fencing last longer is to install it correctly.

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