The fence can get damaged as a result of external factors. You can restore the fence if it is distorted. There are external factors that can grow on your fence. A mold is growing on a fence. There are fences that are resistant to mold. There can still be mold on it. If leaves and twigs are left on the fence, it will decay. The mold will distort the spot that it grows on when this happens. If something touches the surface of your fence, the spot can absorb water and become a breeding ground for mold. A stain from oil or grease is an external factor. The capped surface of the fence prevents oil and grease from entering. If there are scratches on your fence, they can be absorbed. The oil can only be removed by restoring the surface of the fence.

Do you want to restore the fence or do you want to remove it? 

One way to restore the surface is to scrub your wood plastic fence. If there is dirt or oil on your fence, this is possible. You have to scrub the fence when you remove the mold from it because the colour is still good. The scrubbing is done with a soft brush. You should scrub the area gently so that you don’t destroy the fence panel. You can rinse the fence with water after scrubbing it. Water can be sprayed on the fence with a hose. If there is a hard stain on your fence, you can use a mixture of water and baking soda. 

How can I hide the stain from the fence?

Krud Kutter can be used to remove paint from your fence. Paint your wood- plastic fence to make it look better. When the surface of your fence is badly damaged, painting is an alternative to contemplate. If you want to hide it, you should paint it. When the surface of the fence has been damaged by mold, paint can be applied. You can paint a fence that isn’t made to be painted. 

How to paint the fence?

Clear the fence plants

The first step in painting your wood plastic fence is removing plants and other structures that are close to the fence. This is done to prevent the paint from splattering on them. You must cover the surface of the structure if it can’t be removed. After removing the plant from the side of the fence, it’s time to clean it. Water is sprayed on it with a hose. Sanding the fence will be easy if all dirt is removed. You have to sand the fence to get a smooth surface. 

Sanding the fence

Sanding along the grain of the fencing panel is required. There is a tool for this task. You should wipe the dust with a broom after sanding. Now that the fencing panel surface is smooth, the next thing to do is toprime it. You should use an exterior primer. 

Paint the fencing bords

Put the latex primer in a bucket and apply it to the fencing panels. The task will be accomplished quickly if you use a roller with a long handle. You can begin painting your fence after the primer has dried. Paint should be applied to the fencing panel. You should use latex paint for outdoor painting. The fencing panel can be given more than one coat of paint. Wait until the fence is dry. It is easy to restore the surface of your fence. You can wash the surface with soapy water. You can give the badly damaged surface a good painting.

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