Painting a fence is easy. You need a roller and paint or stain for painting or staining. To smooth the surface of your fence, you need sandpaper. In a previous article, we explained why you might have to paint your fencing panels. If you are certain that painting your fencing panel will restore the colour, then you can proceed. 

Do you know the difference between paint and stain? 

The use of high-quality latex paint is required to paint your panels. The surface of your board will be covered by the colour. The high-quality paint won’t peel off easily, and they can weather the elements. A fence is stained using a stain. The stain will affect the appearance of your fencing boards. The process of painting a wood plastic panel is the same. You must remove items that are close to your fence before you begin staining it. 

How to hide or remove the stain?

If you hang plants on the fence in your garden, you should remove the flowers. It is best to cover the plants with a cloth if you can’t take them away. There should be no other structural materials near your fence. The method you use to clean your fence depends on the stain on it. If you want to remove mud, you can use a broom to sweep the surface and rinse it with water. The power washer can speed up the cleaning task.

The power washer should not be near the surface of the fence. If you want to remove grease stains, you can use soapy water and a soft brush. You need to scrub gently so that you don’t scratch the fence. You can wash the body of your fencing with water after cleaning it. Wait for some time so that the surface of your fence will dry. When the stain is dry, pour it into a container. The content will not stick to your hand if you are wearing a globe. If you wear a nose mask, you won’t smell the stain.

How can I paint my fence?

A roller is quicker than a brush. You can attach a stick to the roller so that you don’t have to bend over. You can apply the stain on the fence after that. It’s important to apply it panel by panel along the grain. The colour should be distributed evenly on the surface so that it doesn’t stay on one side. If you want to colour fencing panels, you need to stain the fence. All items that are close to the fence must be removed. You should cover it if you can’t remove them. You should cover the flowers that are close to the fence with tables and chairs. If you join your home with wood plastic fencing, make sure you don’t spill paint on the wall. 

Different ways to clean fence. 

Cleaning the fence when you want to paint it is the same as cleaning it when you want to stain it. If you want to remove mud, you need to sweep with a broom and use a power washer. You can remove oil and grease stains with a soft brush and soapy water. Before you wash the surface, scrub it to make sure it is clean. High-quality latex paint can be used to colour the fence. The task panel should be done by panel along the grain.

A long stick or rod attached to a roller is the best tool for the job. Leave the fence to dry when you are done painting. The part that you remove is the tools that you use to paint or stain your fence. If the paint stays on the ground, you should clean it up to make the surrounding look neat. If you follow the steps outlined in this write-up, painting or staining your fence is easy. It’s important to use latex paint or stain for the job.

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