Before you can answer the question, you should understand a few things. You need to know what a wood fence is. You have to know what a fence is. Also, you will know why the fence is made. 

What is a wood fence? 

A wood fence is made of wood. This means that it is 100% wood. There are different types of wood. There is a fence made of wood.

Softwood fences

Softwood fences are made of wood. Chemicals are used to treat these woods so they last longer. It will be resistant to insects and rot. 

Hardwood fence 

Chemicals do not need to be applied to hardwood. They are made with wood. The timbers are strong and resistant to rot. The cost to install a wood fence is between 8 and 10 per linear foot. 

Which is better?

You can assume that hardwood will be more expensive than softwood. The wood fence is not very long. Wood will not last long. You have to maintain your wood fence regularly. The longevity of your wood fence will increase if you maintain it. This process takes a lot of time. You have to keep your wood fence clean. Your fence won’t last long if you don’t do this annually. The process is tiring. It will cost you a lot of money to maintain your wood fence. When you use a wood fence for a long time, it will absorb water. The wood fence will rot if it absorbs water. As a result of temperature fluctuations, wood fences will crack or splinter. The wood fence has a serious problem.

What is a composite fence?

A composite fence made of wood and plastic. The wood and plastic are heated in a factory and used to make fencing boards. The wood fence had many setbacks and was replaced with a plastic fence. Unlike a wood fence that needs regular maintenance, a composite fence doesn’t. You don’t have to sand, oil, seal, stain, or paint a fence to make it strong. If there is dirt on the fence, you should wash it with a hose. 

Weather resistant

The fence won’t break when exposed to fluctuations in temperature. The colour of the fence won’t fade after you’ve used it for a long time. You can get any colour you want on the fence, Dark-coloured and light-coloured. If you want a fence that looks like wood, you can get a fence that has wood grain finish. The wood grain texture of the fence makes it look like wood. The price is the main roadblock.


The disadvantages are that they are more expensive than wood. The cost is around 15 per linear foot. This may seem to be a disadvantage. If you ponder over the fact that you won’t spend a lot on a fence like you would on a wood fence, it’s not a disadvantage. Wood fences don’t save you money over time. To do simple math, add the cash you will spend maintaining your wood fence with the cost of purchasing it for 5 years. If you do the same thing, you will realize that the fence is worth the money. The advantages of a wood fence are not as great as those of a composite fence. It is easy to maintain and resistant to insect attack.

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