What are the differences between the two? The materials of the rails are durable. Wood and plastic make up the rails. This makes it synthetic, unlike wood rails that are only made of wood. 

Are the rails better than the wood?

There is wood fiber and plastic in the rails. It is different from wood which only has wood fiber. A material that is not durable is timber. They are vulnerable to insects. After you have installed your wood rails, pests can attack them. They can grow on wood rails. Your wood rails will not last long when they do. The wood plastic rails cannot be attacked by the termites. The rails won’t grow mold and mildew. They won’t warp or splinter when you put them on an outdoor deck. They have the same property as you do, and it will last as long as you do. If you want to add a good guard railing system to your wood deck, you can put plastic rails on it. The makers of wood plastic composite rails make them last longer than wood rails. It will live up to your expectations. It is recommended that you consider changing your wood deck for something else. The plastic wood rails will fit on the deck. 

Is the cost of the rails more expensive than the wood?

Synthetic materials include wood fiber and plastic. The wood plastic rails are made in factories so that homeowners can use them. The end product is more expensive than wood rails. This is not a big deal. The reason for this is that the railing will live longer than the wood rails. You will spend less on maintaining your wood plastic rails than you will on your wood rails. This means that wood plastic rails save money.

Is it possible to mix wood plastic and other railing types?

You can use other railing solutions for your home. And, you can use cable rails. You can use glass and aluminum rails. The difference between them and the rails is that they are made of wood plastic. You can mix cable and rails. You can have a clear view of your backyard from the outdoor railing option. Also, you can mix the railing with the glass rail. You can see your backyard clearly with the transparent glass. The sea view will be an added advantage if your residence is close to the sea. There are a number of ways in which you can use your wood plastic rails. 

Is it easy to install a railing?

If you know how to install plastic wood railing, you can do it. The process of installing the rails begins when you are building the frame. If you want good support, you should attach the 44 post that is 36 inches above your deck. You will attach your guardrails to this 44 post. The rails have to be set so that they are 39 inches above the ground. The bottom rails should be raised so that you can sweep the dirt off the surface of your deck. The top of the post should be covered with caps.

How do I clean my plastic rail?

It is easy to clean the wood plastic railing. The way to do it is to clean your deck. The only thing you need is a cloth. You can use soap water and a brush to clean persistent stains. mold can still grow on wood plastic railing even though it is resistant to mold and mildew. If you allow decaying stuff like leaves or food to stay on your rails, it will happen. You can wash the spot with a soft brush and soapy water. Plastic wood rails are made from wood fibre and plastic. The rails are stronger than wood. They will last as long as your deck.

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