There are many fencing materials that you can choose from at the market. You can get fences made of iron, wood, or vinyl. If you don’t know how, choosing fence material that lasts the longest can be difficult. Selecting a durable fencing material is one thing, but selecting an aesthetically appealing fence is another.

Fencing material for home

The different types of fence material have their own qualities that make them unique. Most of them are not appealing. The fencing material that you choose should be beautiful and last the longest. Continue reading to find out which fencing material lasts the longest. 

Wood fence 

The wood fence is one of the most common fencing types. The woods used for this fence are pine, fir, cedar, and redwood. Chemicals are used to treat softwood fences. Chemicals are not used to treat hardwood fences because they are strong. They are resistant to insects and weather. Depending on the type of wood, it can last up to 10 years. Softwood will last for 10 to 12 years, while hardwood will last for more than 15 years. That is possible if the fence is maintained. The topic of maintenance follows the mention of upkeep. Wood fences are difficult to maintain. Sand, oil, seal, and stain it to make it last longer. It means doing it at least once a year. The wood won’t last for 10 years if you don’t. 

Vinyl fence

One of the best fencing types is the vinyl fence. Unlike wood, vinyl doesn’t need a lot of maintenance. The fence is a just-install-continue-to-use type. Most homeowners prefer vinyl because of that. There is no need to seal a vinyl fence. It is resistant to weather and insects. It is possible for vinyl fences to last up to 30 years. You must clean your fence and not dump dirt close to it. If the chain is linked together, it can be used as a fencing material. If it is painted properly, it can last up to 20 years. Chain won’t give you privacy and will only demarcate your property. A wrought iron fence is impervious to high wind and rain. If properly maintained, they will last for more than 30 years. 

Iron fences

Iron fences are like chains and can’t provide privacy for your yard. Another type of fence that lasts longer is the composite fence. The fence will last up to 35 years if properly maintained. Unlike a wood fence that needs tedious maintenance, the composite fence is easy to maintain. It’s not necessary to seal, stain, or oil your fence to make it last longer. All you have to do is clean your fence. It’s a good thing that they are aesthetically appealing. Most homeowners choose fence material that lasts the longest. They are finished so that they will look like wood, because they can be made in different colors. 

Which should you choose? 

We tend to pick what appeals to us. Longevity is not the only factor to consider when choosing a fence material.. If the material is beautiful and perfect for your yard, you will consider it. Privacy and last length are provided by wood, composite, and vinyl fence. Others give little to no privacy. Of the three, vinyl does not need much maintenance. This narrows it down to two options. Only composite can be made so that it will appeal to homeowners. It can be made to look like wood, and it will last a long time. Wood, iron, vinyl, and composite are the materials that last the longest. The material of the fence is appealing.

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