That depends on the type of boards you buy. When building a patio in the garden, homeowners can choose to purchase different types of wood plastic. Garden owners that purchase ungrooved decks should expect to install them with screws. Because of the tidy appearance, most homeowners prefer to utilize clips to build their wood-plastic deck. If you wish to screw it, you’ll need to cover the screw’s edge with paint. 

Install decking board in different ways 

Wood-plastic decks may be installed in a variety of ways in your yard. 

Use screws and clips.

You can install your deck with screws and clips. The kinds of wood plastic deck boards homeowners buy for their patio determine how they will install it. Garden owners must purchase ungrooved wood plastic composite deck boards to use screws. There is no hollow in the sides of the wood-plastic deck. Gardeners will not be able to use clips to secure the deck. Gardeners may repair their deck using nails and clips and install it with screws. The procedure is simple, and utilizing nails is preferable. It necessitates hammering the nails into the boards.

The disadvantage of using nails is that the boards might fracture while being installed. The wood-plastic deck will be destroyed if the boards are split. The edge of the nails can be seen on the deck’s surface. This will make the surface of the boards look different. 

Use nails

Garden owners can use nails to install a deck. Nails are attached to the sides of the boards to fix them. The substructure of your deck is the joists. Your deck is lifted above the ground by this substructure. You will attach the boards to the floor. You can use nails with the deck. The hollows run from one board length to the other on grooves. Attach the clips to the hollow and use the nails to screw it down. After building your deck, using clips can help you achieve a smooth surface. Most deck owners use screws and nails. The appearance of screws and nails on the surface of your deck doesn’t have much aesthetic value. 

Use clips and fasteners

They will be hidden from view if you build your patio using clips. You won’t have to paint your patio to utilize it. One advantage of using clips and fasteners is walking on the deck without stumbling. Installation of your deck with screws does not require a lot of work. The first thing you have to do is lay the joists. Ensure that your patio is well-landscaped by clearing the area.

After measuring it, remove the debris and dirt from the area. The garden owners will need a shovel, rake, and measuring tape. Raking and clearing wood and dirt will give the place a good finish. The number of boards to use should be determined after that. Put your posts in the holes and cover them with cement. When the posts are dry, attach the planks and complete your deck’s substructure. You mustn’t space your wood plastic composite deck joists more than 16 inches. Attach the boards to the floor. Pre-drilling a screw before driving it down the boards is important.


Do you screw up the boards? Garden owners can screw down wood plastic. Another way to install wood plastic is by using clips and nails.

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