There are different ways to install a deck. You can either build an elevated deck or install it on the ground. It is easier to install a deck on the ground than it is to install it in a house. A mixture or a combination of two materials is called a composite. There is a mixture of plastic and wood. There are leftover materials in the case of wood dust and recycled materials in the case of plastic. 

When it’s a synthetic material, it’s processed in a factory until it forms board. When you install a deck in your back garden, you will find that it is easy to do. You can build a ground-level or elevated deck. You can cut the boards easily if you work on them. 

When you want to screw it down, it’s easy to pre-drill. It is lightweight, and that is a benefit. During the process of building a deck, you can lift the boards easily. You can move the boards quickly. When building your deck, will reduce stress. One of the key features is that it is easy to maintain. You won’t spend a lot of money on maintaining your deck.

Can I maintain a deck myself?

If you don’t want to waste time and stress you out, you can do the maintenance on your own. Cleaning with a cloth is what it takes to maintain the deck. If you want to remove dust, you can scrub your deck. You can install your deck directly on the ground or above the ground. When you lay your deck directly on the ground, you don’t just lay the boards on grass or concrete. You should build a small frame and arrange the boards on it. 

Step of installation 

You can install your deck in the open space if you have a back garden. If you want to cover a concrete slab, you can build your deck directly on top. Clearing the spots where you will build the deck is the first step in the installation process. 

You can dig the holes after that. The frames of your deck will be supported by the posts. The posts should be close to the ground. The purpose of using posts is to raise the deck above the ground so that there is more air under it. 

You can use cement to make it firm after putting the posts in the holes. You can start building the frame after that. Attach the treated planks from one post to the other. 

You can start fixing the inner joists after attaching the outer plank. You will need a machine to drill the joist. The deck should not be more than 16 cm apart. 

This is to make sure that people don’t stand on it. The whole substructure should be treated with treated woods. It will last for about 20 years. There is a chance that your deck will collapse if the frame rots off. The first thing you can do is arrange the boards on your ground-level deck. The process of arranging the deck is easy. Start from one side of the deck. If your deck is close to a building, you can start laying the boards from the side. Continue until you have covered your deck. 


Can the deck be installed on the ground? There is a way to build a ground-level deck. You should make sure that you build a solid substructure.

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