Can I convert my deck into a composite deck?

If you don’t like the look of your existing deck, you can convert it to something else. There are a lot of reasons to convert your deck. We will learn why it is better than other types. There are many reasons why homeowners are changing their old deck for a new one.

Composite deck

It’s one of them that wood-plastic is durable. The deck is stronger than wood. It is easy to maintain and aesthetically pleasing. 


One reason to convert or change your old deck is that it is durable. It will resist weather and insects better than wood. Replacing or converting an old wood deck is worth the effort. It won’t work if the termite tries to attack your deck because it’s not food for insects. The weather is not a problem for the deck. If it rains, your deck will not absorb the rain. This means that the deck won’t swell or shrink when wet. When the temperature changes suddenly, the deck won’t warp or break. 

Aesthetic value 

It is aesthetically pleasing. This is another reason to convert your old deck. Adding beauty to your garden is what aesthetic value means. You can create a contemporary garden by installing a composite deck in your back garden. There are different colours of composite deck boards. The colours look natural. This is one way in which the two are not the same. The old timber looks only applies to the wood deck.

If a homeowner wants a different colour, they have to paint or stain it. There is no need to paint or stain the boards. The look of plastic or PVC is similar to the look of the composite deck. There is a difference between the two. None of the plastic decking’s colours looks like wood. The texture of the wood makes it look like timber. Because timber will not last long, homeowners prefer a material that will replace it and still look like it. 


The ease of maintenance is one of the reasons you should convert your old deck to a new one. You won’t sand, paint, or stain it to make it look good. You should soak a cloth in water and clean it with it. If you have a power washer, you can use it. If you have an oil or grease stain on your deck, you can easily wipe it away. After you rinse the top of your deck, you can use a brush to clean a spot on it.

Step to convert the deck into composite decking. 

Remove the old decking

The first step in converting your old deck to a new one is to remove the old one. When you remove the old boards, you will check the joist to make sure it’s good. Joists can become rotten for some reason.

Replace the joists

One of them is if it absorbs water. That’s why you have to use treated wood in your structure. You should replace the joists if you discover that they need changing.

Install new decking

If you are certain that your substructure now fits to hold the new deck boards, you can start fixing them. To fix or install the first set of boards close to the edges, you should use starter and intermediate clips. The boards should be 5mm apart because of expansion. You can cover the edges after installing all the boards. 


How do I convert my deck to something else? The old ones can be removed and replaced with the new ones.

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