If you want your deck to last longer, you should never sand it. You can power wash high-performance deck boards. When you are rinsing your deck, be careful. Sanding and power washing are covered in this article.

What is Sanding 

Sanding is the process of using rough edges to scratch the surface of their boards so that it will be smooth. When homeowners are about to paint their patio, they use the method of sanding. This is common practice with wood.

Sand can damage the colour 

The owners of the deck will discover that the color has faded after installing it for a while. To restore the faded paint, they have to give the wood deck boards another color. The old color will be removed before the new one is applied. They have to rub the surface of their patio with a piece of paper. The new stain will be applied to the wood. It does not need sanding. You will change the appearance when you sand your deck. The surface texture of the boards will be distorted. You will void the warranty if this happens.

Grinding the deck 

It is not a good idea to sand your deck. There are other reasons you don’t have to grind your deck. It means that the color of the plastic will last longer than the colour of the wood. If you want to maintain your boards, you don’t have to paint the top of them. People sand their deck before painting it. Sand is not required since painting is not required. 

Power wash 

A quick way for homeowners to wash their deck is by power washing it. They can use a power washer to spray the top of their deck instead of using buckets of water to wash it. You can use a power washer to remove stubborn stains from the top of your deck. You should be careful when using a power washer. The edge of the power washer should not be too close to the patio. It can peel off the colour of your deck. You will void the warranty if this happens. It is not recommended that you use a power washer unless you know how to use it. Trex doesn’t recommend power washers for their early- generation deck. The surface texture will be damaged and the deck won’t last as long.

How to use powerwash 

You can use a power washer, but only if you use a fan tip, and the pressure should be up to 3100 psi. The fan tip should not be less than 8 inches from the ground. It is the best practice to follow. 

You should use a soap that doesn’t contain too much bleach when cleaning your deck. The surface of your boards can be damaged by bleach. You should use a brush that is easy to clean. A stiff brush will scratch the deck and void the warranty. If you don’t want to use a power washer to clean the surface of your deck, you can use a bucket of water. The top should be thoroughly cleaned and left to dry. Pressure washing is not usually recommended for fencing products. Particles of soap can be sprayed on other surfaces. It can be a big mistake if it is done wrong. Pressure washing can ruin a product. 

Once the material has been opened up, it can lead to a host of other issues including chipping, sun damage, and mold staining of the plastic inside the opening.  It can be difficult to remove mold from these plastics.

Pressure wash 

A garden hose is usually sufficient for duty cleaning. If you must pressure wash, remember to use a household pressure washer with a spray nozzle, keep it at the lowest pressure possible, and no closer than 25 cm from the surface. To remove stains, ground in dirt, or mold, Green Plank recommends using a pressure washer with a spray nozzle, but it can spray soap on other surfaces. 


Is it possible to power wash or sand the deck? The top of your patio should not be damaged by sanding. Don’t bring the power washer too close to the surface, because you can power wash it.

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