The modern outdoor flooring material developed to replace Wood or Wooden is a composite deck. Homeowners have been using treated wood for a long time before developing a new type of deck. To know the difference between the two types of wood, we must consider both. We will begin with treated wood. 

What is the difference between treated and non-treated wood?

There is wood or wooden deck with wood fiber as its primary material. There are two types of wood. The first is treated wood, and the second is hardwood. The difference between hardwood and treated wood is that the latter does not contain chemicals. Chemicals will be used to treat the wooden boards used to make the deck. The purpose of treating wood with chemicals is to make it strong. Without chemicals, treated wood will degrade quickly. 

What is the use of treated wood?

The treated wood is used outdoors. If you want to build or install a deck in your back garden, you can use treated wood materials. If you use treated wood to build your deck, you will have the option of painting the boards to any surface color of your choice. With a small budget, you can build a treated wood deck. You can give your treated wood deck brown paint if you love brown surface pigment. There are drawbacks to treated wood. 

How to make it durable 

How you maintain treated wood is a disadvantage. If you want your treated wood deck to last long, you must stress yourself. If you want to paint your wood deck, you must sand it first. You can apply the stain or paint of your choice after sanding your wood deck. So, You need to paint your wood deck regularly because the surface fades on time. You have to scrub the top of your treated wood to remove mold if they grow on it. Maintaining treated wood is difficult. The rating of treated wood is low. This means that treated wood won’t last as long. The rain will absorb it and swell if it touches the wood deck.

Wood will rot eventually. As a result of temperature change, this type of deck will splinter or warp. The lifespan of treated wood is between 10 and 15 years. 

 What is the name of the material?

 The WPC is the modern decking material that will provide extra outdoor space for you and be aesthetically pleasing. Unlike treated wood with natural wood fiber, the synthetic material is synthetic. The material composition of the deck is timber and plastic.

How is the material used?

 It is used for flooring outside. It’s a better alternative to wood, stone, or concrete. If you want to build a deck in your back garden, you can use composite boards. There are advantages as well as disadvantages to the material. Compared to treated wood, the disadvantages of the composite deck are not as bad. If you want to install it, you have to spend more money because it’s more expensive than treated wood. 

The only disadvantage is that it lasts less than 25 years. This is not the same as treated wood. The board is made of synthetic material. The improved surface of your deck won’t absorb the same amount of water as treated wood. Treatments for treated wood will splinter, warp, and break. You can maintain your deck with less effort. If you spot dirt on your deck, you can use a cloth or fabric to clean it. The boards don’t have to be sealed to make them last longer. 


There is a conclusion between treated wood and composite deck. It is easy to maintain, and it is better than treated timber. It is a synthetic material.

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