When it comes to planning and building a deck. You first have to start and consider what kind of framework you are going to put down. Different decking requires different joist span and ventilation.
Here we’re going to compare using Composite joists and Joists of Impregnated wood.

Impregnated Wood Joists.

Impregnated wood is called such since it’s normal wood (usually pine) that has been pressure impregnated with copper salts and sometimes chromium, boron, and arsenic-free copper-based metal salt (Wolmanit/Tanalith). The green hue that you can sometimes see on the wood comes from the copper salts. This process causes the wood to better resist moisture and that its won’t rot as easily.
Because of the nature of Impregnated wood, you don’t want it to be exposed to moisture to make sure that it’s kept in the best condition. It’s also not made to be used for any applications indoor since it can eventually cause some odor.

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Composite Joists

Let’s start with what composite means. Composite simply means that it’s a mix of 2 or more materials in a homogenous blend. Normal composite joists are made with a mix of recycled HDPE (Plastic) and Sawdust or Rice husks. This makes them extremely durable to Moisture and causes them to not be affected by rot.
Since composite joints are made with an extrusion method that means that they can easily be made in any shape or color. Normally this doesn’t matter since they are just the subframe, but they can also be used for other applications. By having this production method Composite Material can be used both indoors and outdoors and by using Composite for a Composite deck you can ensure the same longevity for them both.

For a subframe that will last longer and give you as many benefits as possible, we recommend to use Composite joists. Impregnated Wood can still be used if cost is of the matter but they might need replacing within 5 years which adds another layer of costs to them.

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