Homeowners are asking this question because they love the traditional look of wood. Although they love the look of wood, homeowners don’t want to use it for their deck projects.

Wood plastic Boards

The boards are made of plastic. There are many advantages to being a synthetic material. But do the boards look the same?. This is a question that will be answered in this write-up.

Composition of wood plastic?

Another name for the material is wood plastic. The material composition of the deck is what makes it called wood plastic. It means that the deck is made of plastic and timber. The recycled material used to make wood plastic is heated until it forms aboard. Wood-plastic composite boards are more durable than other types. The boards of wood plastic are heavy and make it look beautiful.

Let’s look at the color or texture of wood plastic.

There are some surface color or texture decking boards. One noticeable feature of wood plastic is that it’s attractive. There are gray, black, brown, dark-colored, and light-colored wood plastic composite decks to choose from. 

The light surface texture of the material makes it look beautiful. The color of the wood-plastic deck won’t absorb heat from the sun. This kind of wood plastic is good for hot areas because they won’t become hot easily. Light-colored boards are gray, brown, and green. Dark-colored deck boards are the same color as light-colored deck boards. This kind of board has a lot of color in it. 

The benefit of dark surface texture

They have a dark surface texture that makes them more resistant to scratches. They can absorb the heat of the sun. If you live in a cool region, you should use dark-colored wood plastic deck boards. Dark-colored deck boards include dark-brown, dark-gray, anthracite gray, and dark-oak. The wood-grain wood plastic composite deck is a different type of deck board. 

The wood grain surface texture of the plastic makes it look like wood. If you don’t want to call it wood grain, you can think of it as a deck with a matt finish. The finish gives the wood appearance of the deck. This makes the boards look like wood. There is a clear difference between the two. The rough, coarse surface of wood or painted to match the color has a modern look.

Are plastic and wood grain the same?

The wood look of the plastic is the same as the wood grain texture. If you want the wood grain look but don’t want to use the wood deck, wood plastic can be used. It will increase the worth of your garden by making it a modern one.

Advantages of Wood Plastic

The advantages of wood plastic are numerous. They add beauty to your yard and won’t fade quickly. You can use wood plastic composite for up to 15 years and stay shining. It will not affect your deck after installing wood plastic. 

The surface texture of the deck must adapt to the environment to retain a small amount of color. You will notice the shine on the surface of the boards when you purchase them. 

The boards will return to their normal color after some time. If you want to stay attractive, you don’t have to paint the boards yearly. This means that you don’t need to give your deck another coloration once you have purchased it. There are different types of wood-plastic deck boards. If you prefer the traditional wood look, you can get a board that looks like wood.

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