You don’t have to seal your deck to make it look good. If you want to, you can use a good seal. It is a personal decision to seal or stain your wood plastic composite deck. It is something you should or shouldn’t do. This is due to the fact that the patio will last longer and require less maintenance. As you go through this article, you will learn more about wood plastic.

What is composite decking?

If you want to build a patio in your home, you can use an outdoor flooring material. There is a clear difference between wood plastic and other types of patio material. The material composition is plastic and wood. The leftover material from a sawmill is called timber dust. Instead of dumping wood dust in the environment, they convert it with recycled plastic.

Process of making a deck 

The process of making a deck is easy. The wood dust and recycled plastic will be mixed with glue in a factory. When the boards are ready, you can use them to build your patio. It requires low maintenance, which is a good thing.

Composite deck is durable Long-lasting 

Some homeowners think that since it is durable and long- lasting, it doesn’t need care. You have to maintain your durable outdoor flooring material to make it stay beautiful. There is a big difference between the two. sanding, seal, staining or painting is required for wood decks. The process we have just described must be done regularly so that the wood deck lasts longer. This process takes a long time. 

Is maintaining a deck costly?

When you are cleaning your timber patio, you will spend a lot of time bending down. You will spend money to maintain your wood deck. Wood deck maintenance is more time-consuming. To make it stay longer, you don’t have to seal or stain it. You don’t have to paint the outdoor wood plastic material. 

Cleaning the deck 

The process of taking care of your deck will save you money. If mud or oil spill on your deck, you still have to clean it. It is easy to clean your wood plastic deck.  It only requires a cloth or brush. You can wash the oil or grease stain with soapy water. You can use a power washer to remove mold. If you don’t clean your deck, it can decay and grow mold. You can clean the mold with soapy water and a soft brush. To prevent water from entering their deck, some homeowners have decided to seal it.

Why is sealing a deck important?

There is a reason why some homeowners choose to seal their deck. Although this is true, it doesn’t make the material less durable. It can become a problem. When you don’t clean your deck, mold will grow on it. It is a breeding ground for molds. 

Prevent mold from growing.

Most homeowners seal the surface of their deck to prevent mold from growing. After cleaning the surface thoroughly, they will remove the mold from the top. The wood part of the plastic part of the deck should be sealed. If your deck is the first generation that doesn’t have a capped top, this process is useful. A small amount of water can be absorbed by the second generation deck. If your wood plastic is the second generation, you don’t need to seal it. It doesn’t have to be sealed to make it last longer. You can seal it if you want to.

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