The kind of foundation you are building will affect the depth of your deck. The footing should be deep inside the ground if you are using posts. The foundation should not be too deep if you use precast concrete as the footing. How long your deck will last depends on the footing of your deck. If you don’t want your deck to collapse, you need to get your footing right. How deep should my deck be? 

The foundation of the deck 

The foundation of your deck is important because it raises it above the ground and keeps it standing. The deck structure will be stable if it has a good foundation. If your foundation is strong, it will be able to hold more weight. Adding more weight to the deck will cause it to collapse. If rain washes up your garden, a footing that is not too deep will be quickly eroded. The posts should go deep into the ground if you are using them as the foundation of your deck. 

Types of composite decking footing 

There are different types of wood plastic deck footing. If you want to build an elevated deck, you have to use posts. If you are building a ground-level deck, it will be made of concrete or cement. 

Sleeper system 

The right material to use as the footing for a deck is a sleeper system. If you are building an elevated deck, you should use posts as your footing. A raised deck is also known as an elevated deck. Some posts raise the structure above the grounds. It’s better for gardens with odd surfaces.You need posts made of wood for your deck footing. You have to dig deep holes to put the posts. The holes should be large enough to hold the posts. 

Use of concrete 

After sinking the posts in the holes, you should cover them with concrete and let them dry. If you aren’t building an elevated deck, you should use concrete as your footing. This kind of concrete doesn’t need a deep foundation to be strong. You can arrange the concrete there if you clear the spot where you will build the deck. If you put mortar between the ground and the concrete, it will stick to the ground. It is useful for ground-level decking that the footing is not deep. The ground-level deck will stay strong since it is close to the ground. 

Use of cement blocks 

The use of cement blocks is similar to the use of precast concrete. To get a strong patio footing, you have to arrange the block at every corner of your deck. There is no need for a deep foundation for cement blocks. Adding cement to the base of the blocks is all you need to install the deck. It’s a good idea to build ground-level decking with cement blocks. If you want to build a wood plastic patio on concrete, you should use a sleeper system as your deck footing. If you want to add style to your backyard, you can build a deck on the concrete paving. 


If you want to build a deck on your roof, you can use a sleepers system. You don’t have to dig the concrete before installing the deck, and the sleeper system will serve as the footing. How deep should my deck be? The foundation of your deck should be deep enough to keep it strong in the ground. The foundation doesn’t need to be deep if you use a cement block or sleeper system.

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