One way to make your garden attractive and modern is to build a deck made of composite. The many benefits of wood are why homeowners are using it.

Install composite deck on the ground

It is easy to install wood-plastic. If you have the right skills, you can build your deck anywhere. There are two ways to build a deck. It is possible to build your deck directly on the soil. How do I put the deck on the ground?

The first thing a homeowner needs to do is plan their deck. 

Get a license 

You will know how many boards you need for your project after planning your wood-plastic deck. And, you will know if your deck needs a license. You don’t need permission for most ground-level deck buildings. Permission might be required for elevated wood plastic. You must check with your local authority to confirm if your wood plastic composite deck needs permission. 

Hire a deck installer 

You can know how much the patio will cost by planning your wood-plastic deck. Depending on the type of boards you purchase, and whether or not you hire an installer, the amount you spend to build your wood plastic composite deck can vary. If you don’t have carpentry skills and can’t install your wood-plastic deck, you should hire a deck installation company. 

Take proper measurements 

Measure the length and width of the area you want to install the patio to know your deck’s exact space. If you want to know how your deck will span in meters, you should multiply the width and length. You should calculate the number of boards to install your deck. There are several types of equipment you need to install a deck on the ground. The pieces of equipment that are easy to get are the ones that require skill to use. Measure the level of a saw with pencil tape. 

Installation method 

Plan your deck

You should start laying the deck on the soil after planning your deck and getting all the tools and materials. You have to prepare the ground before you can install the deck.  If you want to build the deck in one corner, you need to clear some of the garden’s soil—the position of the deck in the garden matters. Most homeowners prefer a walk-through from the home floor to the deck. It is possible to build a wood-plastic deck close to your home. The elevation of the deck won’t be higher than the floor plan.

Flatten your surface

If you want to get a straight deck, make sure the soil you lay it on is flat. This is where the tamper will be used. You can flatten the soil with the help of the grasses. There are trees in the garden that don’t need to be removed. Work your wood around the trees.

Install a frame

The frame of your wood-plastic deck is what you will put on the ground. The framework of your deck can be built with wooden or composite boards. The frame of your deck should be made of composite boards. The longer the timber plank lasts, the more it will survive. You will build a wood-plastic frame if you prepare the ground. It is not good to lay the framework directly on the soil. 

Instead, you can put the wood-plastic deck on the concrete slabs. Concrete slabs will prevent your deck from being wet. You can build your frame on top of the concrete slab after that. After building the frame, you should lay the boards. 


How do I install a deck on the ground? To build a deck on the soil, you need to clear the garden and make sure the footing is right. You should put the boards on top of the frame after building it.

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