You can seal your deck with a good water-based coating. The UV rays of the sun can damage the surface texture of your deck. The patio will last longer with low maintenance if you seal it. The write-up explains how to seal your deck. It addresses the issue of whether you should seal your deck. Before we address the former, let’s begin with the latter. 

Is it a good idea to seal my deck?

The answer is not easy. The boards are made to last longer. There is a capped surface. The surface has an extra layer of plastic that protects it from the elements. The material composition of the deck is wood and plastic.

Does the composite deck absorb water as much as wood?

As you know, wood absorbs water. The timber part of the deck can absorb water. The plastic on the top of the capped deck doesn’t allow much absorption of the water. When the wet boards are dry, this prevents swelling and warping. There is an extra layer of plastic on some types of deck.

How can I protect my patio deck?

The first generation deck is made of wood plastic. They become a breeding ground for mold and mildew because they don’t absorb as much as wood. There are not a lot of first-generation decks. The makers of wood plastic have improved their products. Whether it is first- or second-generation, you have to maintain them regularly. If you don’t care about organic matters like leaves or pollen, it will become a breeding ground for mold. 

Water-repelling attributes are good, but they will still absorb a small amount of water. The wood part of the deck becomes a breeding ground for molds.

Steps to seal the deck 

You can clean your outdoor patio regularly. If you don’t want your patio to get wet, then you can seal it with a good deck stain.

Step one

The first step is to get all you need to seal your deck. You can use any type of waterproof coating. Aside from that, you need soap, a bucket, water, and a soft brush. If you have a power washer, you can remove it.

Step two

Before you apply the stain to the deck, you have to clean it. You have to be thorough about it because it is permanent. The dirt will be fixed permanently if you don’t remove it completely. This will distort the surface of your deck.

Step three

You have to identify the dirt and spray it off with a power washer. You should mix soap with water and pour the soapy water on the spots. And, you should scrub with a brush that is easy to use. After you have washed the oil and grease stains with soapy water, you should scrub them with your brush.

Step four

You should rinse your patio surface after washing it to remove any dirt and water. The part where you open the can is where you apply the Sealer. It’s a good idea to pour the content in a large bucket so that you don’t have to dip into it. The process is easy if you are using a brush or roller. In the direction of the grain texture of your deck, brush or roll the stain. 

Step five

The grain texture is along the length of the deck. Roll forward and backward until you are satisfied. Ensure that your boards absorb the sealer to get a better result. Ensure that you apply the sealer evenly on your patio surface so that the part won’t contain more stain than other parts. There are four steps in step four.


You will have to wait for some hours before your patio absorbs the sealer and dries completely. You can use your patio when it is dry. A water-based seal can be used to seal your deck. Before applying the stain, you should clean your patio.

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