Composite decking is attractive, There is no doubt about that. Stains can make the beautiful surface texture of wood plastic less appealing. On the deck surface, stains such as cooking oil, engine oil, grease, paint spill, damp mud, and tree sap require immediate repair.

Remove stains from the deck

Homeowners need to clean their patio annually to keep it looking good. When homeowners see stains on their deck, they must act quickly. What’s the best way to get stains off the deck? Different strains can ruin the surface’s look. Stains such as cooking grease, engine oil, dirt, tree sap, and paint spill impair the attractive surface texture of wood-plastic. Most homeowners clean their deck at a specific time of the year. During that period, they will properly maintain their wood plastic composite deck, including washing the surface and examining the joists for damage.

Clean the stain immediately 

During maintenance, dirt and stains will be removed from the wood-plastic surface. 

After the maintenance period, what happens when the stain gets to the top of the deck? If they find stains on their deck, one piece of advice for homeowners is to clean it right away. If homeowners clean the deck straight away, the stain will not adhere to the surface. Therefore we have some ideas to keep your composite decking clean.

Protective shell 

 The purpose of installing a deck is to have outdoor activities. A barbecue with friends is a great outdoor activity for homeowners to do. A barbecue is cooking meat on a grill. Oil can spill in the process of cooking meat. Wood-plastic is strong enough to hold a grill. Adding a ready-made barbecue grill to one corner of the wood-plastic composite deck can be done safely. When oil spills on the deck, it will stay on top. A protective shell protects the boards from oil and other stains.Your deck still needs to be cleaned of stains. Although the stain will not go far into the boards, it will damage the decking’s lovely look.

Use warm soapy water 

To clean up cooking oil spills on a deck, homeowners will need warm water, soap, and a soft brush. Apply the solution to the cooking oil by mixing the warm water with the soap. You should scrub your deck surface until the oil is gone. You can rinse your deck top with your water hose. Engine oil and paint spills can affect the appearance of the deck. If left unattended to, the latter is difficult to remove. You should prepare a mixture of warm soapy water if you accidentally spill engine oil.

The engine oil won’t enter the boards, so scrubbing is easier. Put the warm water solution on the engine oil stain and scrub it. Remove the engine oil stain from the wood-plastic deck by scrubbing it. Grease is similar to engine oil when removing it from the top of your deck. If paint spills on the deck of your building, you should clean it with a cloth. There will be some paint on the deck. If you want to fully remove the paint, use soapy water and a brush to clean the surface of the wood-plastic composite.


What’s the best way to get stains off my deck? To begin, apply a warm soapy water solution to the discoloration. The stain on your deck should be scrubbed away.

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