How long the boards last depends on the grade of the deck you purchase. We will return to that later. The material that lasts longer is wood, as well as other wood-plastic materials. It means that you will use them for a long time. The issue of guarantee will be discussed later. 

Composite decking 

There is a synthetic material made from wood and plastic. In this write-up, we will use wood-plastic or wood-plastics composite to refer to the deck. It’s easy to understand what happens in the process of making a deck. The materials for the deck are taken to a factory and processed. They will cut the finished product into different sizes after processing them. The WPC boards are what you’ll find in the market. There are many reasons why wood-plastic decking is unique. You should not doubt the strength of the wood-plastic deck. The weight of people standing on the deck will be less if you install it. The strength to weight ratio is high. 

Wood plastic is lightweight

You can easily carry the boards. The boards are firm even though they are light. The strength of the deck is what makes it durable. There is no need for back-breaking maintenance that will consume all your energy. To appreciate this, let us look at wood. The deck is made of 100% wood. The wood is vulnerable to attack. There are insects that can eat wood. It can grow on your wood deck. Wood can absorb water and swell. The wood will splinter or warp when they increase. The wood will rot if it does not distort. 

Maintaining a deck  

Seal, oiling, sanding, painting or staining are required to keep your wood deck clean. You will spend money to acquire the materials you will use to maintain your deck because this process consumes your cash. There is no need for seals, staining, or painting on the other side of the board. It is because of the quality of the material. This doesn’t suggest that you won’t maintain your deck. If there is dirt on it, you have to sweep it. If there is grease on the surface, you have to wash it with soapy water and a soft brush. Wood is preferred because it requires little maintenance. 

How long does a plastic-wood deck last?

Wood-plastic can last a long time. Some can last more than 25 years. The lifespan of the boards depends on the grade. There is a 25-year warranty on the collections of composite decks. Their decking boards have a 10-year warranty.. It is not implied that it will spoil after 10 or 25 years. It means that you can use your deck for the period and be sure that nothing will happen to it. You should install and maintain your wood-plastic deck the way you should. After the warranty, your deck will last as long as you want. 

Colours of the deck 

The color of the deck is covered by the warranty. The beautiful color of the boards makes them attractive. It will not fade as quickly as a wood deck. After passing the warranty, your deck will retain a small amount of color. It’s not an issue because you can restore the color of your boards.

How does wood compare to this?

 Regular painting or staining is needed because the wood color fades quickly. Wood will not last as long as composite. It will not last for 25 years. It is unique. The boards will last a long time. The lifespan of a wood-plastic deck depends on the grade and the warranty. Some have a 10-year warranty while others have a 25-year warranty.

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