The deck is not slippery like a wood deck. Even when it’s wet, the slip-resistant surface of the deck keeps you standing. This feature of composite decking is one reason it is better than wood. The wood deck surface can make you fall if you walk on it. The wood deck is made of 100% wood. The timbers that are used to make wood decking were cut down in the forest. The wood will be treated with chemicals to make it resistant to weather and insects.

Wood is made up of??

A wood patio can be made using a hardwood-like cedar. Chemicals don’t make hardwood hard. They are strong and resistant to insects. Wood decking loses its resistance over time. Chemicals do not mean that wood will last forever. It becomes vulnerable to insect attack and mold after a while. Wood will not last when this happens. So, Wood does not contain 100% wood, so it’s not like a deck of cards. Wood fibre and plastic are used in the deck. The wood and plastic make the deck strong. They are recycled materials, so they conserve the environment. They are strong and do not need chemicals to be resistant to insects. And, they are aesthetically pleasing and last longer than wood. 

Is it slippery?

There is a question about why wood and composite are not slippery. Wood is not resistant to mold. This means that mold can grow on it. Other organic material can grow on a wood deck. When the deck is wet, the spots where they grow might be slippery. It is resistant to mold. The surface of the deck is slip resistant. The tread on the surface keeps the tread on the tire from slipping.

The outdoor deck is not slippery. If not taken care of, the deck can get slippery. This means that you have to maintain your deck regularly. The fact is that mold can grow on it, even though it is resistant to mold. The decaying of leaves, twigs, and pollen can make the surface of your deck slippery. A slippery surface can be created when you walk on the spots they grow on.. The surface of your deck can become slippery from things like banana peels, fruit peel, and sticking substances.The ice on the deck can cause it to slip.

Follow the precautions 

Do the following things to make sure that your wood plastic composite deck is safe at all times. One way to keep it safe is to remove dirt from the surface. Dirt can distort the body and make it absorb water. When leaves fall on your deck, it’s a good idea to remove them. It’s important that they don’t decay and can grow on your patio surface. If you see mold, you can clean it with a soft brush and soapy water.

Ice can make your deck slippery, so remove it from your deck. You should use a plastic shovel to remove ice. Ensure you use a plastic shovel when using a metal shovel. Make sure you clean the stain with a rag before you remove oil or grease. You can clean the surface with a soft brush and soapy water. You can wash the surface with a power washer after removing oil or grease. Even when it’s wet, the surface of the deck will keep you standing. It is important that you maintain your deck so that it is safe at all times.

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