One good thing about a good deck material is installing it yourself. If you have the right skills and tools, you can install your deck. It’s easy to install it in your backyard. There are times when you don’t know how high your deck should be. 

What is a flush deck?

You might have to build a flush deck. A flush deck is a type of deck close to the ground. You don’t have to jump or raise your feet before climbing the deck in your garden or backyard. Grasses can’t grow underneath the deck. 

What is an elevated deck?

An elevated deck is high from the ground. The posts raise the deck surface above the ground. Before climbing an elevated deck, you have to raise your feet high. Grasses can grow under an elevated deck, or animals can hide. You must use a weed killer to ensure that the grass doesn’t grow underneath your deck. Depending on your project, you can use an elevated or flush garden. You have to consider the level of your home. If your home is close to the ground, you should build a ground-level deck. If the level of your home is high from the ground, you have to build an elevated deck to match.

Things to do before installing a deck 

A flush garden starts with a clearing where you will install the deck. If you want to build a flush garden, you should first clear the area. You will need a shovel for this task. If you want to install your deck, you need to remove obstacles from the area. The surrounding deck can be built if there is a tree. After clearing the area, you should level it to get a straight deck. After leveling the place you will install your deck, you can dig holes around it.

The posts will not be high, and this is a flush or ground-level deck. The posts will enter it well if the holes are dipped. You should cover the posts with cement after that. You have to wait until the cement is dry and the posts are strong. If you don’t want to use posts, you can use cement slabs. 

Fixing a joists 

You can fix your joists to the slab or posts instead of fixing them to the ground. The outer plank of the Joists should be attached to the posts or slabs. Attach the inner planks with screws after fixing the outer ones. You can build the whole structure after that. The space between the joists should not be more than 16 cm.

Installing a deck 

You should start from one side of the deck. You need a starter and T-clips for this task. So, You can cover the edges and clean the top when installing your deck. The way you install an elevated deck is similar to installing a ground-level deck. The posts will be high if you use posts. You don’t have to use cement slabs for an elevated deck. The other steps are the same if you have passed the second step.


Should I build a flush or elevated deck?. Depending on your house or garden level, you can build a flush or elevated deck. A flush garden can be built if your house level is close to the ground. If not, you can build an elevated deck.  

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