What is Composite Decking?

Simply speaking, Composite Decking is a material that was developed as a way to replace Wood by using recycled materials. You can find more in-depth information about this HERE

What is it made out of?

WPC (Wood Polymer Composite) is the most common form of Composite Decking that is made out of Sawdust, Recycled HDPE, and Additives. You can read more about the compositions of composite HERE

What types of decking is there?

There are a variety of different deckings that composite comes in. The most standard one is the Grooved hollow variant that is installed with clips. There is also a Grooved Solid variant. Then we have some that are without grooves that need to be installed in the same way as wood. And there are those that are trying to innovate and bring new idéas to the table such as Green planks Smart System. You can read more about different types of decking HERE

How long does it last?

Well, Composite unlike wood could basically last over a lifetime. Since it’s made out of plastic it’s really dependant on the quality and type of plastic used. But a well-kept Composite Decking could last you your whole life and beyond.

What colors are available?

The Colours available are totally dependant on the manufacturers of the deck. But the good this is that Composite can be created in nearly all colors of the spectrum. So if there is a color that you want or prefer then you can surely find one to suit your tastes.

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What maintenance is required?

Composite doesn’t really need any maintenance. It doesn’t rot or splinter in the same way that wood does and it can’t really dry out. So you don’t have to oil, varnish or otherwise maintain the decking. All you need to do is clean the decking if it ever gets dirty (usually twice a year) and it will keep itself in tiptop shape!

Can I cut composite decking boards?

Since composite is mainly made out of HDPE and Sawdust, as long as you can cut that, you can cut composite. Normally tools meant for woodwork can be used. It’s most often recommended to use as sharp of tools as possible though since you want to reduce the amount of friction produced since that can melt the plastic and deform the composite.

Can I install it myself?

Composite is a lot easier to install than wooden decking since it involves less work. The hidden deck fasteners are simply screwed into the joists which are holding the boards in place. Some other means of attaching the decking could mean that it’s easier or slower. Make sure to check with your composite provider to find out their recommendations.

What is the cost compared to wood?

Generally Composite has a higher upfront cost than wood. But for that, you gain plenty of benefits that usually outweigh the costs in the end. Such as less maintenance, longer-lasting, easier and faster installation.

What is the warranty like for composite?

The warranty totally depends on the company that you are buying from and the quality of the decking. Most producers provide up to 25 years of warranty for the decking. Just make sure to know what the warranty does and doesn’t cover so that you’re aware of what claims you could make.

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