There are different types of clips. The kind of clips you use depends on the method of installation. 

Different types of clips

Screws and nails 

One way to hold the boards down is with screws or nails. Another method is to use hidden screws and clips to hold the board in place. The edge of the nail or screw will be exposed to the surface if the nails and screw method is used. When the nail is pushed out after the deck has been used, it can cause safety issues. The screw can distort the look of your deck. Most homeowners prefer not to see screws or nails when selecting a different color for their deck. This is how the fasteners enter the scene, and why they are popular. 

Hidden fastenings 

The hidden fastenings give your deck a smooth finish. You can get different types of clips for different prices when you go to the market. Some of the clips are made for a specific type of deck. When you want to purchase a deck, you can choose between a grooved or ungrooved deck.

Advantages of clips 

The advantage of using clips is given by the grooves deck. The ungrooved deck can be used with clips. Some deck makers made their own clips. The HidLoc Hidden Fastener System is a great way to create a fastener-free deck surface that is safe and comfortable to walk on. The deck clips are made to fit in the groves of the wood. The Hidden Deck Fastener System is a great way to create a surface that is safe and comfortable to walk on. The deck fastening system allows for quicker installation. The deck is free of dangerous nail pops because of the system. The self-gaping deck clip is the main fastening component for attaching two Green Plank composite boards together. There are 120 screws, a drill bit, and a screw bit in the box. 

Starter clips and fast clips. 

The starter clips are fixed into the opening of your first board, while the fast clips are made to join one deck board to the other. You can buy either plastic or metal in the market. There are two types of clips, 3mm metal and 6mm plastic. The Tiger Claw Hidden Fastener has various kinds of clips that fit in between decks to provide a smooth surface.

Different types of clips.

The three clips are clip 1, clip 2 and clip 3. The clip 1 can be driven into the side of the deck. The difference between clip 1 and clip 2 is that clip 2 is made of steel. The clip 3 can be used to create a space between the decks. The Hidden Deck Clips and Fastener are plastic and will fit into the edge of your deck. The normal EB-Ty provides 14 inches board spacing, but there are different types. There is a mini fastening that has a small height for thin decks. A work man controls a tool that is used to install screws into the side of the deck. There are different sizes of this deck fastening that suit your needs. It’s ideal for all types of decks. 

Trex Hidden Fastener

Trex Hidden Fastener is used to install decks. It was made with glass and nylon. The clips are 14 inches and work with screws up to 8 inches. The start clip can be used with the house wall and at the edge of the deck. 

Mantis deck fasteners

The Mantis deck fasteners are made from aluminum or steel and have a black finish. The clips can be installed with screws. Mantis decks have a 30 year warranty. There are clips for the edges of your decks. After the deck has been installed, it’s easy to use the clips to install it. If you want to put in your deck, you should start from the building or wall. The clips need to be tightened so that they can grip the deck. There are different types of clips and screws. Pick a clip that matches your deck.

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