It’s made from plastic and timber in a factory. Wood-plastic decking is marketed as a low-maintenance deck that looks like wood. Wood decks have some issues that homeowners should be aware of. What are the drawbacks? 


Wood-plastic has a higher initial price than wood. There are more joists required to support the weight of wood-plastic. If you have poured oil or grease on the deck, it will get stained. It costs more to install a plastic deck than install timber. This means that the upfront costs are high. When it comes to building a deck, most gardeners want to save money. They will be unhappy to learn that wood plastic will cost them more money.

When this happens, homeowners will look into alternative possibilities. Gardeners can choose less expensive options, but they will still cost more than wood. The cost of a wood deck is 15 per board. If you want to install 50 boards, you’ll have to pay 1250 for the project. Installing 50 boards on a wood deck will cost you 750 dollars. Wood and composite materials have varied prices. The pricing we provide is only for comparison purposes; the actual price may be higher.

Fading and staining 

The material that is often marketed as fade-resistant and stain-resistant is called Fading and Staining. The board’s color will fade if exposed to the sun for an extended period. If that wasn’t bad enough, dragging sharp things over your deck will cause it to peel. It will fade eventually is annoying when it comes to fading. Garden owners might have to paint their deck to make it look new. It’s vital to keep in mind that a deck that doesn’t require painting will be advertised. The dye does not attach to the deck’s surface.

Is it easy to clean?

Garden owners can have a barbecue on their wood-plastic composite deck. Eating and drinking guarantees that their deck will be easy to clean, and this means that they can have a barbecue on their deck. It is resistant to stains. This doesn’t mean that it won’t stick to the wood-plastic deck surface when a stain or grease gets to the wood-plastic deck surface. When the station is dry, stains on the deck surface will become a problem. 

Is it stain-resistant?

Because they are confused by the stain-resistant advertisement, most homeowners will not remove oil from the deck’s surface. The stain will be tough to remove. When building a wood deck, keep in mind that it will require more joists than a wood deck. Wood-plastic is stronger than wood because of its weather resistance, but it does not have the same strength as hardwood. If fewer joists are used, the boards are more prone to break. You have to install more frames and beams to ensure they are not more than 16 inches apart. 

Is it worth it? 

Despite drawbacks such as hefty upfront expenses, garden owners continue to build decks on their properties. This is because a wood deck will survive longer than a wooden deck. A few weeks after installation, the color changes somewhat. You will enjoy the color for a long time without needing to paint it after you have adjusted to the atmosphere.


What are the setbacks of the deck? The plastic wood deck has a high initial price and may need paint if the surface is badly strained. More joists are required for wood-plastic deck installation.

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