The boards have two surface finishes. There is a non-slip surface finish on one side of the board. There is a smooth wood grain surface finish on the other side. You can choose between the wood grain finish or the slip-resistant finish if you turn the board over during installation. This write-up addresses the question, 

What is Composite decking board?

 It’s the perfect alternative to wood. Wood is a natural wood material, while synthetic material is made from recycled products. The synthetic material is more durable than timber. This is one of the reasons why homeowners are using wood plastic. It is resistant to natural elements and termites. Wood or Wooden can last longer than plastic. The wood plastic deck will not crack, splinter or warp when the temperature changes. You can easily install it using simple instruments. You can carry them during installation.

Surface texture of Composite deck

One of the reasons homeowners love it is the surface texture. The surface texture of the deck is beautiful. The plastic surface of the deck will last longer than wood. Unlike wood that only has a traditional look, the different colors and texture of the composite deck make it different. You can choose between brown, grey, and anthracite.

These colors will last and won’t fade.

Regarding fading, you can use your deck for up to 15 years, and you won’t notice any changes. All through this period, your deck will be beautiful. During maintenance, the wood deck needs to be painted or stained constantly.

Slip-resistant surface 

You can turn the board during installation if you choose to. You should use a board with a slip-resistant surface texture if you live in a wet area. The texture has small lines on the surface that run the length of the board. When it rains, the tiny lines on the deck will make it hard for you to slip and fall. There is a wood grain surface texture. This texture is different from the slip-resistant surface in that it does not have small lines, and it is smooth. It looks like natural wood and gives homeowners the satisfaction of traditional wood. It is similar to buying two in one.

Advantage of reversible composite decking boards

You can see the texture of the wood grain on one side and the slip-resistant surface on the other. If you live in a wet area with constant rain, you can use the slip-resistant side of your board. You don’t have to purchase non-slip boards, and when you change, you can throw them away. If you like the look of wood grain, you can turn your deck over and use the wood grain surface. The wood grain surface will make your deck look better. You and your kids will be safe when you install the slip-resistant side of your deck. You don’t have to worry about falling when you are outdoors. If you install the wood grain surface finish or any smooth color surface finish, you will add beauty to your yard and make your garden a contemporary one. The texture of the deck will stay attractive for a long time.


It makes homeowners that love the traditional look prefer it to the alternative. What are the different types of decking boards? There are two sides to the boards. The board can be turned to either slip-resistant or wood grain finish.

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