All outdoor decks need a foundation to stay solid in the ground. The foundation of your decking determines how long it will last. It will last longer if you follow the best practices. Your deck might collapse if you don’t build it correctly. What is the best way to build a deck? There are different types of wood-plastic deck foundations and why you need them. The key to having a long-term decking is the foundation. When you build your deck, it will be on the foundation. If the foundation of the deck is strong, it will hold its weight and absorb any pressure when you walk on it. 

Why does a foundation matter?

A weak foundation is not good for the deck. A solid foundation is still required for a good flooring material. You should not expect your deck to last long if it is not strong. There are different types of foundations. Depending on the type of deck you want to build, the foundation or footing will be wood plastic. Post or cement blocks are likely to be used as the foundation for your deck. If you are building a flush or ground-level deck, you will use a cement block. The type of deck foundation depends on the type of deck you want to build. 

An elevated deck for foundation 

An elevated deck foundation is what we want to start with. The elevated deck is raised above the ground. There is space underneath this type of wood-plastic deck. To balance the level of the deck to the floor plan of the house, homeowners build an elevated deck in a garden that has an even landscape. 

Using posts as footing material 

You have to use posts to raise the deck from the ground. Depending on you, the materials you use for the post of your deck may be different. The posts of your wood plastic composite deck can be treated. You can use metal as a post. Most homeowners use treated wood to build elevated wood-plastic decks in their garden. You should use treated wood when using wood. This is because the wood will rot and won’t last as long as the wood you are using. 

How to build a deck?

To build the deck, you need to clear the space and dig holes. The height of the posts is dependent on how long you want your deck to be. You should cover it with cement after you dig it. Before you start building the remaining substructure of your deck, allow the posts to dry. The footer is flush or ground level. The footing is close to the ground. Unlike an elevated deck raised 100 or more centimeters above the ground, the flush deck provides a seamless walk from your house to your garden. 

Use cement blocks for foundation 

It’s good to use cement blocks as the foundation for a flush deck. You don’t need to dig deep holes if you use cement blocks. To make sure the concrete block holds your deck, you need to clear the space you will build it in. To make the concrete block stick to the ground, add cement to the base. 

Use sleeper system for foundation 

One way to build a foundation for a ground-level deck is to use a sleeper system. If you install the deck over a hard surface such as concrete, a sleepers system is used to raise the deck slightly above the ground. Using a sleeper system to raise your deck above the ground will give you a space to breathe and allow air to circulate under it. 


What is the best way to build a deck? The best way to prevent the deck from collapsing is with the best footing. Depending on the type of deck you are building, you can use posts, cement blocks or a sleeper system.

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