The difference between the two is the design. You can join the panels together with the interlocking at the sides. Let us know more about the different materials.

What is a composite deck? 

Wood and plastic make up the material composition of composite materials. They have the same characteristics so you can refer to them as composite materials. The materials are made in a factory where they are mixed with a binding agent and then heated. When the finished product is ready, it is cut into different sizes so that you can use them to build something. 

Advantages of composite deck

One advantage of composite materials is that they are more durable than wood. The material will last longer than wood. The materials are easy to maintain. You should sweep them with a broom. You can use a cloth or sponge to clean the side if it is dirty. Sand, oiled, sealed, stained or painted must be used for wood to last a long time. If you don’t do this task at least once a year, your wood material will not last. The money will be spent on maintaining the wood material. The long run savings are due to the fact that you will spend little money maintaining them. Now that you know what materials are made of, let’s move on to other materials. 

Structural material

A structural material that homeowners use to build a deck or patio. It serves as a surface on which people perform their activities if you lay it on the ground. What this means is that you can build a deck in your garden or yard. You can put tables and chairs on it and have a party on it. The strength to weight ratio is very high. It means that the weight of people standing on it will not cause it to collapse. You can use clips and screws to lay the boards side by side. The panels allow for expansion and contraction.

What is the difference between a wood and a metal structure?

A nice looking cladding is similar to a structural material. The makers of the wood plastic panels designed it so that you can put it on the wall. It’s why homeowners refer to siding in some parts of the world. It’s possible to cover the wall of your house with a material that protects it from the elements. Wood plastic is lightweight and difficult to build. The panels have interlocking, which makes it different from the decking. It is possible for the boards to enter one another. The boards will not be able to lock together.

Can it be used as a Cladding?

The warranty will be voided if you install the products as siding. It doesn’t mean that the boards will fail, but if they warp or fade, the maker is not responsible. The statement implies that it is not advisable to use the material as a building material. It will not provide complete protection against the elements, even though some homeowners use it. The decking boards don’t have interlocking so they don’t interlock.

The gap between the exterior wall and the cladding is created by a rain screen. The rain screen allows air and water to escape from the space between the wall and the cladding. If you want a durable covering for your wall, you have to use the right material. A deck is a material that is used to build a patio. It was designed to be laid on the ground. It is possible to cover the side or wall of your building with a material that protects it from the elements.

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