Do you want a smooth surface that is safe to walk on? Most Swedish homeowners do. There are two types of wood for installation. Depending on the type of deck you purchase, you can get a smooth surface. The clips and fastenings are hidden on the hollow sides of the grooves. The final aesthetic of your deck will be affected by whether or not you use grooved or ungrooved boards. Is it a good idea to use grooved and ungrooved decking for a clean finish?

What is composite decking? 

The best outdoor flooring material for Swedish homeowners is wood-plastic. The material composition is wood and plastic. Engineers mix components with a binding agent in a factory and heat the mixture until it forms wood plastic. The best material Swedish homeowners can use to make a patio is plastic wood. It is easy to install and maintain, resistant to the elements, and aesthetically pleasing. It is not an option for homeowners to use wood plastic. If you go to a supplier, you will be able to purchase either grooved or ungrooved decking. The kind of decking that is ungrooved is similar to wood. When you look at the sides of the boards, there are no hollows or channels. It is possible to install it with screws or nails. The nails will appear on the surface of the deck after you have installed it.

Ungrooved boards 

Buying ungrooved boards is not the best option for Swedish homeowners. An ungrooved deck will not give you a clean finish, but a grooved deck will. If you want to purchase channels or hollows on the side of the deck, you should know it is a grooved deck. The channels or hollows run from the top of the deck to the bottom. 


The installation has the usefulness of the hollow. The clips will be fixed to the hollows instead of being attached to the boards.The clips or fastenings will hold the boards down at their sides, and they will not be seen from the top. When you walk on your deck, you won’t see the clips.  This gives a better finish to your wood deck than ungrooved boards that show screws or nails. 

Although homeowners can paint the top of the screw, it doesn’t give a clean finish. 

Is the installation of grooved and ungrooved the same?

Once you get to the point of laying the boards on the joists, the process of installing grooved and ungrooved decks isn’t the same. The first thing a homeowner should do is plan their deck. 

  • Planning your deck will allow you to know how many boards you need, the extent and size of the deck, the kind of boards and finish you want, and whether your deck will be elevated or ground level. 
  • The place you will install the deck is referred to as the ground. 
  • You clear the space and landscape it correctly. twigs, grasses, and other materials can obstruct the installation of the deck. If you want to install an elevated deck, install the posts under it. 
  • Before you put the posts and pour cement, you need to dig holes in the soil.
  •  Attaching the frame to the posts is the first step in building the Joists. You should build the outdoor joists first. The boards should be on the floor. 
  • You will use clips if you are using grooved boards. You should use screws if you are using ungrooved.


Is it a good idea to use grooved and ungrooved decking for a clean finish? If you want to get a clean finish on your deck, you should use grooved boards.

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