A deck in your backyard adds beauty to the landscape. If the surface gets slippery, it can pose a safety issue. You will fall if you walk on the slippery surface. If your kids play on the slippery surface, it can be disastrous. This is where the scene begins. The deck is made with safety in mind. When you walk on it, it makes you stay standing. This makes people want to build their deck with non-slip boards.

What is the best material to use in Sweden?

The name of the material is also known as wood-plastic. Wood and plastic make up the material composition of the deck. It is made of 100% wood. Since it is a synthetic material, it is more durable than wood. It’s one of the benefits of the material. Wood plastic is an alternative non-slip patio material that you can use to build a deck in your backyard. The deck is resistant to insects. After you have installed your deck in your garden, it will not be attacked by termites. You can’t have insect-eating bugs attack your wood plastic deck. 

Slip resistant Surface texture

The way the surface texture is finished is one of the reasons why it is the best non-slip decking alternative. Our expert made our deck surface non-slip. The texture of your deck surface can affect the slip resistance. You can perform your activities on your patio without falling if you have non-slip deck boards. The surface texture of the wood plastic deck is wood grain or grooves. Our product is non-slip and can be used to build a patio in your yard. Before we look at the grooved-channel surface texture, we need to look at the wood grain surface texture. Unlike plastic that has a smooth surface finish, our deck has a wood grain non-slip surface that makes your feet stay standing even when the deck is wet.

How do we make a non-slip deck?

Our expert used a simple trick to make our deck boards. The wood grain finish is coarse. It’s difficult to slip on this coarse surface. When it is wet, the surface will become slippery. When it is wet, the rough surface will not become slippery. Our engineer worked hard to make sure that our wood grain non-slip deck boards have more slip resistance than other boards in the market. The non-slip deck boards have grooves on their surface that give traction when you walk on them. The surface of a car’s tire is designed in the way it walks. The treads are not smooth. It’s easy to grip the road when your car moves on it. The same thing applies to your deck. 

Resistant to algae 

The anti-slip surface texture has grooves that hold your foot in place when you move it.. When it is wet, a smooth surface will make you slip. The reason our deck is resistant to algae is that we design it so that it can’t grow on it. There is a green living thing that grows on a wet surface. If it grows on your deck, it can cause a safety issue. Algae will grow on wood because it is the perfect building ground. The synthetic materials used to make the deck are resistant to algae. The materials are plastic and wood. It will not grow on a synthetic surface as it does on wood. 

Resistant to mold and mildew

Our wood plastic composite deck is resistant to mold and Mildew, which is one of the reasons it is the best. It is more difficult to remove mold and mildew than it is to remove algae. The bad sides of mold and mildew are that they can distort the surface of your deck. When it has rained, they will make your deck slippery. If you are not careful, this will cause a safety issue. We engineered our deck so that it will have a slip- resistant surface. You have to clean your deck regularly to make sure it stays non-slip.

Can mold and mildew be removed from the deck?

There is a way to remove mold and Mildew. This doesn’t mean that mold can’t grow on your deck. The mold on your deck will grow if you don’t maintain it. This is possible if leaves, pollens, or food decay on your wood plastic composite decking. The perfect condition for mold to grow will be created when this occurs. 

How can I prevent the growth of mold and mildew?

To make sure that mold doesn’t grow on your deck, you should sweep it regularly. You should clean your deck if you discover mold. You should wash your hands with soapy water and a soft brush. Use your brush to scrub the soap water spots. If you are certain that you have removed the mold, you can rinse it with water. If you want your deck to remain an anti-slip surface, you must remove algae immediately. The process that you used to remove mold should be followed. A brush and soapy water is all you need. You should scrub until you get rid of the algae. 

Rinse your deck 

You need to rinse your deck with water and make sure it dries before you use it. It will give you a non-slip deck. If oil or grease spills on your deck, it’s a good idea to clean it. It’s a hazard to walk on your deck when it’s slippery with oil on it. To make sure your people are safe, you should clean oil immediately. Grease and oil should be washed with soapy water and then scrubbed with a soft brush. Until you are certain that your deck is clean, do that. Leave it to dry after you wash it with water.


The best non-slip deck in Sweden is one that ensures the safety of people when they walk on it. There is a surface that makes you stay standing when you walk on it. It’s the perfect non-slip alternative.

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