Homeowners that want to replace their wood decking with modern, well-engineered composite decking want an answer to that question. You can change your deck for a new one if you’re not happy with it. One of the best ways to replace your wood deck is with a new material. Homeowners prefer this material over wood because of its many advantages. The pleasing and long-lasting nature of the wood is what makes it attractive. Is it possible to lay a deck on wood? 

Why do I need composite decking?

If you have a wood deck installed in your garden, you will know how to maintain it. It is difficult to maintain a wood deck. You have to sand the wood deck. Sanding will make your wood deck smooth. You have to paint the wood deck to make it look good. If homeowners want their wood deck to stay attractive, they need to do the sanding and painting regularly. Cleaning your wood deck surface might require hiring cleaners. 


The durability and lifespan of wood decks is one of the reasons why homeowners are replacing them with composite. It doesn’t have a long lifespan and is not durable. Engineers wanted to replace it with something else. Most of the wood deck problems are solved by using a material that is a mixture of wood and plastic. The plastic wood deck lasts longer without sanding or painting. Even when the wood is treated, plastic wood will stand better against the elements. If you have wood in your yard, you can replace it with something else. 

Advantages of laying composite decking on wood deck

When replacing your deck, you have to follow the best practices. It’s best to remove the wood deck before installing the new wood-plastic one. 

The advantage of removing wood is that you won’t have to place additional weight on the foundation of your new deck. The old deck and the new deck will increase the weight and pressure on the deck. You can reduce the weight on your wood-plastic deck by removing it. 

Inspect the joists

You can inspect the joists if you remove the old wood deck. The wood patio might be weak due to the absorption of water. If the old wood joists are weak, you can replace them with new ones. You can change your wood joist with composite schools. 

The difference between timber and composite joists is that timber is better than the plastic one. It is possible to make your deck last longer and not collapse using composite joists. To lay your new deck on wood, you have to remove the old patio and prepare the place. 

Remove the nails

To remove the nails you use to install your wood deck, you will need a hammer and a nail puller. If you want to remove the old wood deck successfully, you need to have carpentry skills. Remove the nails that help down the wood deck from one edge at a time. You should remove the timber boards if you want to inspect the joists after removing the nails. 

Replace the old joists

You need to be certain that the joists are strong enough to hold the new wood deck. And, you have to change weak joists if you notice them. The whole substructure should be changed if it is weak. When you are certain that the deck is strong enough to hold the joists, you can start laying the new deck. 


Is it possible to lay a deck on wood? If you want to replace your wood deck with a new one, you have to remove the old wood first and inspect the joists.

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