A good thing is building a deck in your home. There is a better way to build a deck. It is not difficult to build a deck on the grass in your garden. The task is much easier if you build your deck over the paving. Some homeowners wonder if they can build their outdoor deck over concrete or paving. Some homeowners are wondering if they can put their deck over the paving. The answer is yes. It’s a great idea to install a deck over concrete.

What is it about paving?

A paving structure is made of cement. People put paving in their outdoor space. The better the garden or lawn is, the less likely it will erode.

  • One thing about paving is that it is not as attractive as a deck. It will not be attractive if you paint it. 
  • Exposure to the sun will cause paving to crack over time. If you have to pave your back garden, you can put a deck over it. 
  • The former is more attractive than the latter, so it is better. You will have a beautiful outdoor flooring surface if you build your deck with composite material. 
  • You can get different boards of color. There are gray, black, brown, and oak boards. The colors are attractive and timeless. This shows that the color of the boards won’t fade quickly. 
  • The paving is not attractive. Paving might not be the best choice if you care about attractive outdoor flooring. 
  • If you already have to pave your home, you don’t have to tear it. You can put something over your paving. You don’t have to tear it out if you already have old or less attractive paving. 
  • Build your deck directly on top of the concrete or paving. If you have chalk or marker, you must mark the spot before installing the deck. This will let you know where you will put the sleeper system. 

Things to consider when  building a paving 

When building or installing your deck over the paving, you should account for water and humidity. You should create a breathing system for your deck. To raise the deck above the ground, you must use a sleeper system. A spacer is used to give space under the deck. You will need a lot of things to build your deck. The Sleeper is the part of the deck that will lift it from the ground.

Build Joists and posts for decking

If you are building a deck on grass, you will need posts. Spacers keep your deck from running water and the bottom free, unlike high posts and lift your deck from the ground. The way posts are placed is by placing the Sleeper at the corners of the deck. It would help if you did not place the sleepers more than a foot apart.

Add joints to avoid the gap

The top plank of your deck needs more support. It will be unstable and springy if there is too much distance between your deck. The Joists should be built after laying the sleeper system. The substructure you attach to your boards is called the joists. You should use treated wood.

To get a solid deck, you should not space the joists more than 16 apart. You should arrange the boards after building the joists on your system. You should make sure that your boards are 5mm apart. It would help if you covered the edges after that. You can put it over paving if you have one in your garden. You should use a sleeper system to raise your deck.

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