There are different kinds of deck materials for Sweden. There are some materials that you can use. Some of the materials are not good for the environment. It is possible to survive when the weather is good. The wet weather won’t make the wood last longer. The chance of surviving in Sweden is higher for wood than for composite. Swedish homeowners can use plastic to build a deck. When you install these materials in Sweden, they have advantages. Different kinds of deck materials are examined in this article. Swedish homeowners can choose between two types of wood deck. 

Types of wood 

There are two types of decking, softwood and hardwood. The difference between soft timber and hardwood is that the latter is made from trees with a soft texture. The latter is made from trees that do not need chemicals. When you install softwood in Sweden, it will be damaged quickly. The surface will swell and take in more water, which will cause the deck to rot. The elements will destroy the wood. The heat will cause wood to crack, break, or split. Engineers treat the wood with chemicals to make it last longer. The texture of hardwood is strong and will last a long time. It doesn’t require chemicals to be durable.

Is the wood element resistant?

Wood is still susceptible to the elements. Mother nature has elements that can easily destroy wood. There are insects and plants that can damage wood after it is installed in Sweden. A timber patio is not the best option if you want a patio that will last longer. When maintaining their timber patio, the Swedish homeowners must clean, scrub, paint and stain it. Wood is not appealing like other patio materials. There are different types of wood deck available in the market. 

What is composite decking?

Composite decking is one of the things that are common to all decking types. They are firm and will last longer than wood. The wood and plastic used in the production of the deck are either recycled or used. In the factory, the makers of the decking combine the two components and then add heat to the mixture to make it. The finished material is called wood plastic. 

Is composite decking element resistant?

The patio material isn’t just strong, it won’t absorb water like wood. The plastic prevents the board from getting wet. Engineers coat the top of the boards with plastic that stops the water and prevents the boards from getting wet. 

Which one is best for the Swedish environment?

One of the best materials for Sweden is wood-plastic. The deck on your patio will last longer if you install wood plastic. You can keep your deck going with little maintenance. It is easy and cheap to maintain your wood plastic deck.

Unlike timber or wood that requires sanding, painting, and staining, wood-plastic composite does not. Plastic deck is different from a wood deck because it is made from plastic. The wood-plastic deck is processed in a factory like the plastic one. The plastic patio is a synthetic material. Plastic decking does not contain timber or wood as part of its composition. 

Plastic decking does not contain two or more mixed materials. But PVC decking has similar properties to composite decking. You don’t need the sanding, painting, and staining of the wood deck to maintain it. Even though it is resistant to the elements and performs better than timber, it is not more than a substitute for wood in the Sweden environment. Plastic decking is a good option for Swedish homeowners. 


There are different types of deck materials in Sweden. Wood is not durable. There are two better options if you want durable decking.

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