The sun’s UV rays are one of the reasons why the wood is made to resist them. This means that the colour of the wood will not change under the sun. That is a positive. The color of the plastic deck will perform better than timber. It depends on the grade and type of boards you buy. Older generation boards fade more quickly than early generation boards. The essential collection will not perform as well as the Timeless collection. If you want to understand how well a deck performs under the sun, you need to compare it to wood. The synthetic material in wood plastic has an advantage over timber. Wood-plastic is synthetic and has better resistance to the elements than wood. It’s better than timber in many ways. 

How good are the two outdoor flooring materials?

The high quality of the wood achieves durability. When you install a patio in your garden, it will last longer and produce a better result than wood. Wood-plastic is a synthetic material that has the strength to resist Mother Nature. The wood patio isn’t as durable as wood plastic. If homeowners want to increase the lifespan of their wood deck, they must treat it with chemicals. Mother nature will destroy wood easily. This contributes to the low lifespan of wood. 

Is the deck element resistant?

An artificial patio made to resist the elements is called Resistance to the Elements. The sun’s UV rays, rain, and heat will act on the deck after it’s installed. How well a deck lasts depends on how it resists the elements. The sun’s rays dealt well with the wood. The sun’s rays fade a material that is installed outside. It will retain its colour for a long time since it has a protected surface. Wood-plastic composite has a protected surface. After the boards are made, they must paint the top. The UV of the sun causes wood to fade. 

Can rain destroy a deck?

Mother nature can destroy a deck with rain. Rain can cause problems when you install a deck. The extra plastic coating on the deck will make it perform better. The plastic coating on the wood makes it resistant to rot. When it’s damp, mould and mildew grow on the lumber deck. 

Types of boards 

You should expect the deck to respond differently to the elements since there are different types. The old generation and newer generation boards are used. The former does not have extra capping, which protects the deck from UV rays. The capped surface prevents the surface from fading. The newer generation wood-plastic composites will not fade or change colour. When you build it under the sun, it will not fade or change colour.

The plastic coating on the surface can prevent water intrusion and fading of the deck. The newer high- performance boards have a protective shell on their surface. Your deck will stay beautiful for a long time if you have a protective shell on it. The essential and timeless collections are sold by e Bygghandel. The lifespan of the essential collection is not as long as timeless collections. 


The best material to use depends on your budget. The newer generation wood plastic composite flooring doesn’t fade or change colors, so it’s a good choice for people who want to build a patio in their garden. Does the color of the wood change? The newer generation of decking does not fade or change color, and it provides value for your money.

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