There are different materials in the market. The makers of the different decking materials advertise them as durable, which is confusing. It can be not easy if you want to floor your outdoor space. How you can tell the most durable material is addressed in this write-up. 

Types of outdoor flooring 

There are several types of outdoor flooring available. Wood is a type of outdoor material. There are other types of outdoor deck material. There is more than one type of decking. Three materials have different compositions. The composition of the wood is wood fiber. Chemicals are added to the wood. It makes it firm. There will be no need to add chemicals if they use hardwood for the wood deck.

Recycled wood and plastic

Wood is the only type of deck that does not contain synthetic material. There is a kind of outdoor deck. The wood and plastic used in the deck are recycled. The recycled wood and plastic will be mixed with a bonding agent in a factory. After the mixing, they will cut the boards. It is made of synthetic material. Plastic decking does not contain wood. They process it in a factory and make it strong or durable. It is sometimes referred to as wood-plastic. This is due to the wood-plastic combination. Plastic does not contain wood, so don’t confuse it with wood. The maker of different decking materials advertised their products as durable. This will confuse the industry.

Long-lasting material

Wood will be advertised as durable. The maker of the material will promote it as a durable material. It’s the same for plastic and wood. To find the most durable deck material, we have to look at its composition. A material that resists weather and insects will last longer than a material that can’t. Wood is not as durable as other materials. It will last for about 15 years when you build your deck with wood. If you think 15 years is long, you should consider a 25 years warranty. Wood won’t last long because it won’t resist weather or insects. Wood fiber is food for the tyrannosaurus rex to attack it.

Does a plastic deck protect wood?

Although wood is treated with chemicals, it will eventually lose its strength as you use it. The weather will destroy your wood deck after many years of use. It will absorb water and swell if it gets to the top of your wood deck. Wood will rot eventually. Wood can splinter or break. So, Wood is not as durable as the other materials.

Protects from termites

The wood part of the deck is not exposed to the surface. Since the plastic coating on the deck makes it impossible for the termites to eat it, they won’t attack it. Wood decking can be destroyed quickly by weather elements. This is due to the improved surface of wood plastic. If the rain falls on the deck, it will roll-off. This means that wood plastic will not swell like wood. 

Weather changes 

When the weather or temperature changes, it won’t affect the deck. This makes a plastic wood deck, not a splinter, warp, or crack. It’s also great for outdoor flooring. The plastic deck is similar to the composite deck. You will use plastic for 20 years after installing it. 


A plastic deck will not crack, break, or warp like a wood deck. How can I tell the most durable material?. The life span and material composition are important factors when choosing the most durable material. You have to think about how they resist weather and insects.

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