The picture frame method is the best way to finish the edges of your deck. It’s important to finish the edges of your deck because it provides a seamless design after installation. It hides the rough edges of your deck. You have to plan in order to get the best result. Knowing where you want to build your deck means planning. You need to know the size of your deck. For more information about this, see the write-up. 

Types of finish

You can think of the type of finish you will give your edges if you know the kind of deck you want. Your yard will be beautiful if you hide the edges of your deck. 

Benefits of composite deck 

There are other advantages to using a composite deck.


The strength of the deck is what makes it durable. The weight to strength ratio is high. The implication is that it is lightweight and hard. It makes it possible for you to use your deck for a long time. Your deck will last for more than 25 years depending on the grade. 

Easy to maintain

Because it is easy to maintain, plastic wood is a better alternative to wood. It takes little effort to take care of your deck. The only thing you should do is sweep it. Grease stains can be cleaned with a brush and soapy water

Cleaning the wood deck requires a lot. You have to clean it before it becomes clean. 

Easy to install

When you install a deck in your yard, it is resistant to insects. They are strong because they are made of durable material. 

Resistant to weather

The deck is resistant to elements of nature. Sun, rain, ice, and temperature are elements of nature. It adds to the beauty of your yard. You have to use one of these methods to cover the edges of your deck. The picture frame method is one way you can hide the rough edges of your deck. 

Where can I put the board in the frame?

The name of the technique is picture frame because it looks like a picture frame. If you arrange the outer frames of your joists so that they meet each other, you can finish the edges of the outdoor deck. Running the outer plank around the perimeter is what it means. The plank can be pressure treated. When you view your deck from the side, you will see the flat sides of the plank. The frame keeps the boards from reaching outside. You will put the boards inside the frame. Builders use double structure to build the perimeter of a deck. If you want to cover the edges of your deck, you need to use a deck board.

What can I do after installing the deck?

You can see the rough edges of your deck from the outside. It is possible to cover the edges of your deck with an outer board. You will not see the rough edges of the deck when you view it from the sides. The outer panel can be painted with matching colour. You can smooth out the edges of your deck by painting them with paint. The paint on your deck should match the colour of it.

The three methods of finishing the edges of your deck is a great way to make it look better. If you choose any technique, it will work better for your deck. If you want to use the picture frame method, you need to draw out the plan carefully and have enough experience. The picture frame method can be used to finish the edges of your deck. The edges can be painted to hide the rough marks.

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